Cruises, Sailing & Water Tours

    Are you looking for a cruise holiday this summer?

    Are you confused about which cruise to take? Stop worrying as this guide is going to give you a breakdown of the top cruise holidays. So if you want to go around Mediterranean or you want to fulfill your transatlantic voyage crossings or you want to go for a short – break cruise holiday around Europe, make your next cruise holiday truly remarkable.

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    P&O cruises:

    Sailing from British shores and going around Baltic, Fjords, Norway, Canary Islands and Mediterranean, P & O cruises are known for their glamour and glitz. With a history of 180 years, P & O cruises have a good fleet of ships that sail from Southampton. These ships include twin sisters of Ventura and Azura and Britannia which takes almost 3,647 passengers. These ships are known for a wonderful family – friendly environment. All these three ships by P & O cruises take their short breaks at Holland, Belgium and Channel Islands. You can book these glamorous ships for 2 to 17 nights.


    Do you have any plan for making a transatlantic crossing from Southampton to New York? Let’s do it with Cunard. This wonderful cruise celebrated its 175th anniversary in 2015 for its first transatlantic crossing from Liverpool to New York in 2015. Cunard is offering a six – night sailings on Queen Mary 2 from Southampton. From spring to autumn, you are going to find this luxurious cruise crossing the Atlantic from Southampton sailing towards New York. Known as one of the most elegant big ships, Queen Mary 2 is fashioned with a romantic environment. Its old traditions will take you back to the times of Titanic as the passengers are divided into classes like Princess Grill, Queens Grill and economy for everyone. You are going to enjoy the formal white gloved tea. Ship is fashioned with the modern facilities of health spa, gym, one of the biggest sea libraries and the first sea planetarium.

    MSC Cruises – Meraviglia:

    Meraviglia is known as the biggest line of MSC cruises. All around the year, it keeps on sailing throughout Mediterranean. Embellished with ambiance of Italy, this cruise achieved a lot of recommendations and honorary titles like “biggest ship ever for Europe” and
    “UK’s Best Ship of the Year”. The ship is so beautiful with its ceiling decorated with color changing LEDs. You are going to find amazing restaurants with gorgeous spas and many other activities. So if you are planning to book this cruise for your next holiday, you can find it sailing between Malta, Spain and Tunisia.

    Norwegian Cruise Line – Norwegian Gateway:

    Are you looking to travel with the concept of “Freestyle Cruising”? Norwegian Gateway which is one of the biggest cruises by Norwegian Cruise Line. The environment of this cruise is so flexible which means that you eat anywhere on the cruise at any time. Based in Miami over winters with the capacity of 4200 passengers, Norwegian Getaway cruise is known for offering Caribbean cruises. You will never get bored on this cruise as there are number of entertainment events scheduled for you on it. From the two shows of “Million Dollar Quartet” and “After Midnight” to the club styled supper of “For the Record: The Brat Pack”, you are really going to enjoy your holiday on this luxury cruise. You are going to find Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville, Brazilian steakhouse, noodle bar and a great brew pub etc. As far as lodgings on the cruise are concerned, there are two types which include studio lodgings for single travelers and complete suites for families. Each of them has been provided with butler and concierge servicing. During the winters you are going to find this cruise in Miami. All the Caribbean cruises offered give seven – night tours.

    Royal Caribbean:

    Known as one of the most popular cruise lines in United States, Royal Caribbean International carries a great friendly environment. Two of its ships are found in United Kingdom on season basis. The cruise has been fashioned with great amenities like Skypad, kids’ water park, rinks for ice – skating and indoor promenade etc. You will be stunned by the different activities this cruise is offering for making your holiday really great. There are about 25 different restaurants, lounges and bars in this luxury cruise. The sailings of mini – cruises are for 4 nights whereas voyages to Canary Islands and Mediterranean are for 14 nights. During the winter season it sails to Caribbean from United Kingdom. However, it normally comes back in spring. It is one of the most recommended cruise holidays.


    Are you looking for a real luxury cruise holiday? The best recommendation in this case is Seaburn cruise. It consists of three big ships i.e. Seabourn Quest, Seabourn Odyssey and Seabourn Sojourn. Seabourn has positioned itself as the top luxury cruise that offers incredible servicing, amazing destinations and many other facilities like cocktails and coffee etc. If you want to relax and sit back, you are going to find a great living room decorated with concierges, cocktail tables, sofas and easy chairs etc. 90% of the suites are found with their own verandas. This luxury cruise has sun decks, swimming pools, whirlpools and panoramic bars. The food meals which you are going to find on this luxury cruise are grilled on patios and are very delicious. The best thing about Seabourn cruises is that they offer number of destinations like 7 – 9 Mediterranean and Caribbean cruises are sailing throughout Africa, South America and Southeast Asia.

    So, these are some of the top cruises which you can use for making next cruise holiday totally great. You will love it. All you need is to plan it well.