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  • 15 Things You Can’t Miss To Do In Nova Scotia
15 Things You Can’t Miss To Do In Nova Scotia
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The province of Nova Scotia lies on the eastern side of Canada on the Atlantic Ocean. These offshore islands boast of an abundant animal life and have a lot to offer to the new age traveller. Apart from amazing scenic beauty there are many things you must look forward to when in Nova Scotia.

If you are planning a trip around, here are 15 things you must put on your bucket list and have an incredible experience.

1. Visit the ancient Fortress of Louisbourg

This 18th century fortress is an old French town and has been restored to look just the same till now. You will go back in time while experiencing the French architecture and will be greeted by shooting musketeers and dressed actors around every corner. This place is a great visit for families and solo travellers alike.

2. Check out the UNESCO World Heritage Sites

For any traveller or vacation seeker, the UNESCO World Heritage Sites are always a must see. When in Nova Scotia, do visit the town of Lunenburg. This port town has many things to offer be it lunch at the Salt Shaker Deli or some mouth watering treats at the Lincoln Street Food. Do try the beet gnocchi with chanterelles.

Move on to the landscape in the Annapolis Valley’s Bay of Fundy. This 5 square mile marshland with archaeological sites dates back to the 17th century. The Grand Pre landscape is also home to a winery at Domaine de Grand Pre.

3. Drink Some Fabulous Wine And Call Someone From A Phone box

Yes, you read it right. Visit the Luckett Vineyards overlooking the Gaspereau Valley and taste some wine that you will definitely want to tell someone about. Their Rosetta Rose is a must try.

And if that’s not enough, hop in the magic winery bus to visit the famous phone box and make a free call to anywhere in the USA. Something that deserves to be on your Instagram feed.

4. Drive along the Cabot Trail

This beautiful 180-mile drive offers some amazing 360-degree scenic majesty. Not only is the view great but also you can hike around to take in the atmosphere and explore some handicraft shops and fish eateries around the forests.

There is a beach you can explore while trying out some of the best lobster rolls at the Rusty Anchor. Hike along the skyline trail and witness some great picturesque views along. You can also spot a moose here along with some incredible views.

5. Enroll In A Clam Digging Adventure

Get on your rubber boots on the shores of Clam Harbor and get started with some clam digging right away. Learn all about how it is done and get some practical experience with using a clam fork to show what you’ve learned. The best part is for the end when you get rewarded with steamed clam food to satisfy your taste buds.

6. Go See Some Live Music Action At Cape Breton

Get tapping to Cape Breton’s signature music style with the largest fiddle in the world. Get familiar with their trademark music bought by the Scottish immigrants to Cape Breton decades ago.

7. The Kejimkujik National Park For Adventure Seekers

Apart from some great natural beauty this national park provides a great place for kayaking and canoeing. You can explore many different routes out here and then head out to a white sand beach nearby to unwind and relax.

8. Don’t Miss Out On The Craft Beer

Craft beer is the latest trend in Nova Scotia and you can always find a decent mug around here. The Good Robot Brewing Company and Stillwell Beergarden are great places to try out some tasty blends. You can also take a beer tour at Alexander Keith’s to try out some fine samples and then head out the Red Stag Tavern to finish off the day.

9. Like It Or Not Lobster

Lobsters have always been a Nova Scotia favorite. You can find some great lobster recipes across the entire province but the Nova Scotia Halls Harbor Lobster Pound is simply a step ahead. Pick out your own live lobster and choose a recipe to follow. All dishes here are perfected and this lobster pound sources them from the dock just outside the lobster pound.

10. Did We Forget The Maple Syrup?

You can simply never have enough maple syrup when in Canada. Not only do they have it as their emblem but are also one of the largest producers of maple syrup in the world. Head to the Sugar Moon Maple Farm to have an amazing dining experience. See how the syrup is made and follow up with a meal to taste what you’ve just seen. Do try their Maple Baked Beans, Spiked Maple Mocha and Maple Mac n Cheese.

11. Try Something Unique –Tidal Bore Rafting

Indulge in this seawater adventure where you get to zip through 10 feet high waves while submerging youself completely under water as they hit you. This is a unique phenomenon and you do not get to try it out in a lot of places. So try this out definitely! There are many companies like River Runners, Fundy Tidal Bore Adventures that can get you a 3-4 hour trip at the Bay of Fundy.

12. Candlelight by the Graveyard

Visit the Garrison Cemetery in Annapolis Royal and tour the graveyard during the night while listening to stories of the many people who lay there as back as the 17th century. This is probably something you would never expect to do on a holiday!

13. Catch The Low Tide At Burntcoat Head Park

Walk for miles while you explore the ocean floor without actually drenching in water. There are several pools of leftover saltwater and you can sometimes get lucky to see a variety of marine life inside. Make sure to check the tide schedule before you head out to the park.

14. Make Your Way To Peggy’s Cove

This quaint village houses an iconic lighthouse and a quiet picturesque view with shops and eateries. Arrive early and pit stop at the village Prospect and explore its natural beauty without any crowds. Don’t forget to get your passport stamped with a picture of the lighthouse at the post office in Peggy’s Cove.

15. Walk Through The Wooden Boardwalk In Halifax

If walking is your thing, then you sure will enjoy your time walking along the longest wooden boardwalk in the world. Enjoy the long waterfront with cute little shops, cafes, snack shacks and some amazing historical buildings. Do have a meal at The Bicycle Thief on a sunny afternoon while enjoying ships at the dock.

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