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A holiday in Pakistan
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The capital city of Pakistan came into existence for the sake serving as a capital city and wad built in 1960 by the then President General Ayub Khan. Islamabad boasts of an abundance of natural terraces and natural meadows. The city is green, clean and well planned layout that comes as a blessing for the residents.

The 500 year old Saidpur Village is a must visit with many ponds and well-preserved Hindu temples belonging to a pre-Islamic period. Some old Buddhist excavation sites still preside here. Do go to the Gola Shariff Shrine of the Sufi mystic Pir Meher Ali Shah. The Lok Virsa and Folk Heritage Museum celebrate the history of the country and truly represent its cultural splendor.


This city has had a dynamic past, and was the capital of the West Punjab Province back in 1947. Lahore is a very important economic and cultural centre and is rated as one of the best places to be in Pakistan. It is home to several highly respectable educational institutes like the University of the Punjab and numerous other colleges and institutes.

Visit the old city area to experience cultural heritage in a well-maintained form. The Lahore Fort and the Wazir Khan mosque present spectacular examples of Mughal Architecture where one can find encaustic tile work in marble. The Shahdara Gardens are the final resting place of Mughal ruler Jahangir. The Shalimar Gardens and fort is now a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Lahore is in a true sense a royal city. A turbulent past, great monuments and the upcoming industry have shaped this city to be one of its kind in the country.


Karachi represents diversity in all forms be it culture, architecture, natural beauty or history. This city gives a hearty aura and is welcoming to tourists from all around the globe. What initially begin as a small fishing village is now a densely populated and the highest revenue-generating region in the entire country.

The city of lights has a rich history going from the Alexander the Great in 325 BC to Karachi being the capital of Pakistan upto 1960. It now successfully generates 54% of duty and sales tax. Finding comfort indigenous food can never be an issue out here. Do try the traditional cuisine and indulge in barbecued kababs, karahi, haleem, katkat, nihari and rabri. Soak in beautiful skylines and architectural wonders like Harbor Front, Bahria Town Icon, MCB and Ocean Tower.

There are a few beaches you could find and many other surprises every now and then. Visit Karachi to unfold a new mystery around every corner.

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