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A trip to India
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The capital city of India is a cultural hub of fun, frolic and heritage; and has enjoyed this status since ancient times. Delhi flaunts a buzzing night life and an extravagant cultural background. There is beauty among every crevice and niche in Delhi.

This city has a plethora of experiences for the new age traveller. Experience busy city life, India style; make a trip down old Delhi to see architecture and vibrant old markets or take a stroll down Lodhi Gardens to take in all that Mughal Architecture. Every monument has its own history and certain uniqueness about it.

And when these cultural walks get boring, there is always a big mall you can hit nearby and shop all you want. Delhi is home to many international brands and is one place where you will definitely find global stores. It shares great connectivity with major cities around the world and is a great place to start your vacation from.


Formerly known as Bombay, Mumbai is the golden city on the west coast of India. It is the capital of the Maharashtra state and is the second most populated city in the country. It is often the first place that comes to mind when one thinks of fashion, cinema industry and financial capital.

Although the city does come with crowded public places and traffic congestion, there are far too many special things that a traveller would never miss on. Take a tour around the city and see the museums and art galleries. The Colaba market offers an amazing shopping trip along with some great art scenes.

Beat off the heat with a trip to the beach or drive down to Goa or Pune to explore natural beauty and exotic culture at its best. The people are dynamic, as they love to work hard and enjoy with a vacation every now and then. This city boasts of a unique society and a life full of colour, dreams and success.


Amritsar is the religious center for the Sikh community and is home to the Harmandir Sahib or the Golden Temple. Apart from being a religious landmark, there are many other places to explore like the Jallianwala Bagh and the Wagah Border.

The Amritsari food has always won laurels and is famous throughout the country. Enjoy chholey kuche, stuffed indian breads and jalebi’s with other street foods to get a real taste of Punjabi food. Explore the friendly markets that bring you paraphernalia of options to choose from.

This city is also a major center for food milling, chemical and textile industries and has many commercial centers for the same. Amritsar is well connected to all the major cities and a few countries via the International Airport. Nonetheless, this city is the heart of Punjab and is a must visit for every traveller looking forward to visit India.


The city of nawabs boasts of a royal lifestyle, which can be seen in well landscapes houses, authentic biryani’s and the rush and gush in the alleys of old Hyderabad. Not only this city has an extremely flamboyant culture, but is also now becoming an upcoming centre of the IT industry.

Enjoy the good weather and walk around the Golconda Fort and the Char Minar. The markets along the Char Minar are very old established institutions and one can find rare objects like perfumes, jewellery, textiles and other handicrafts. It also gives a glimpse of the crowded city life among congested lanes that is an experience in itself.


The Southern city of Chennai has been an enticing new destination in the past few decades. Explore beaches, forts, temples and museums all around the capital city of Tamil Nadu. Great educational institutes and a modern life have helped shape up an educated community in this city.

Enjoy South Indian savories that will make you go crazy and one can never just have enough. Do try locally made Kuzhi Paniyaram, Kottu Parotta, Bisi Bele Bath, Appams and Puliyogare rice that will make you ask for more. A great weather all year around allows you to try these delicacies and do much more along.

Drive down to Pondicherry or take a train the old fashioned way to capture some breathtaking shots of the sea. The nearby jungles of Thekkady are abundant with wild elephants, tigers and deers; and there is always a waterfall around the corner. Explore this exotic location on your next trip down South India.


Goa is the golden city of the west and is the ultimate destination if you are looking for sun, sand or spices. With great influences from the Portuguese, this city has well preserved churches and the architecture is evident of the western influences.  There are numerous beaches that one can choose to visit depending on the kind of crowd they like.

Popular beaches include Baga, Palolem, Anjuna and Agonda. There are many other places for tourists to visit that include churches, forts, fairs and market. As for the nightlife out here, beach life comes alive with music, fairy lights and the fragrance of food. Enjoy the serene with the waves in the background.

Goa is a very sought after vacation destination not only for international travellers but also for people all across India. Its supports a very rich tourism culture and there are simply too many things to choose from when in this city. Enjoy lip smacking delicacies, some pungent feni, water sports and river cruises among some crumbing old architecture when you visit Goa.


A former capital of the Indian country, Kolkata was an immensely important centre during the British rule in India. The city is famous for the Howrah Bridge, Bengali food, literature and the arts. No wonder it is home to most of the noble laureate’s of our country.

The city is well known for being very economical and perhaps this may be why it is also called the city of joy. Visit the Victoria Memorial, the National Library and the Science City to get away from the hustle and bustle on the streets and spend some time with the artistic history of our country. Kolkata is a perfect of old and new where people are very open-minded and community oriented.

This is one place that would shock and charm you at the same time. Expect to have a nice chitchat with a stranger around the corner. Visit the Sundarbans for an adventurous wild life sight seeing or stroll along in Shantiniketan and see some masterpieces being created in live action.


The capital city of Gujrat has been known as a centre of prosperity and productivity. Apart from the Gandhi’s ashram in Sabarmati, there are many things that would invite a new age traveller here. The city has a very developed and upcoming textile industry and is also an advanced centre for IT, education and other scientific industries.

This city will never cease to amaze you as it houses malls, multiplexes, monuments and museums all in the same place and still nothing feels like it doesn’t belong. Ahemdabad has witnessed a very quick and rapid economic growth in the past two decades. Walk around the Calico Museum of Textiles or visit the Sabarmati Ashram and see how Gandhi did things for yourself.

The city holds a strongpoint on both the economical and political front. Ahemdabad is a uniquely modern city as compared to others with a stereotypical society. It is also a dry state thus many citizens feel that their community is saved from many sins that aid the world in which people drink.


The city of Kochi is also sometimes referred to as Cochin and is one of the most famous tourist destinations in India. It is also a major port city and is home to the naval training academy of the Indian Defense Services. This is the region where one can spot some European bungalows next to the shoreline.

Enjoy art exhibits in a water front compound at the Aspinwall House or visit the Hill Palace in Tripunithura to explore the museums and parks within the complex. Kochi came into existence in 1967 with the merger of Fort Kochi, Ernakulum, Mattanchery and few other nearby villages.

The economy is now thoroughly focused on the ports, tourism and information technology. It is also often referred to as the gateway to Kerela. Capture the vigour of this city with a favorable equatorial climate, forts and beaches.


Also known as Thiruvananthapuram, the capital city of Kerela is an easy going tourist destination and a perfect place to give you a glimpse of South India. The city has various sites to entertain tourists like beaches, museums, tea gardens and even a very famous zoo. With a confluence of hills, seas and mountains, Trivandrum gives you ample space to explore nature.

Visit the Kuthiramalika Palace Museum, the Kamakakkumu Place, the Napier Museum and the Kerela Science and Technology for a taste of history and indulge with the glories of the past. Relax at the Varkala and Kovalam beach and take in all the serenity of the ocean.


Bengaluru is the capital of the Karnataka state and is also well known as the silicon valley of India. With many multi-national companies and expats this city is the leading IT exporter in India. A favourable climate all year round makes it one of the most happening cities in the country.

Bengaluru is well known for its mall culture and one can always find a good club or bar around the corner. Enjoy the best MTR dosas and filter coffee out here for yourself. Although traffic seems to claim a lot of time of the people living out here, but nonetheless the citizens out here are happy and happening.

A trip to the garden city can never be complete without witnessing huge lung spaces spread across entire Bengaluru. Stroll across the Cubbon Park, the Lalbagh and the Bannerghatta National Park and get another step closer to nature.

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