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Adventure Sports In Mauritius
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Mauritius must have been labeled the typical honeymoon destination, but the real picture is that Mauritius offers something for everyone. Whether it is for diving deep into the depths of turquoise blue waters to glimpse the coral reefs and the sea worlds or go parasailing or simply zip through the trees, you are really going to enjoy and have wholesome fun at Mauritius. So it is time you planned an adventure trip to Mauritius, don’t you think? Here are some activities that you can enjoy at Mauritius:


Provided you have a good tour partner, you can arrange for a memorable canyoning trip at Mauritius. When you do it at Mauritius, you can feel the adrenaline cruising through your veins, enjoy the stunning beauty of lush green nature, get abseiling down close to the water, relish the exhilarating feel of swimming under the waterfall and basically feel close to nature. Some of the best canyoning spots in Mauritius are Mare Aux Joncs, Exil Falls, Alexandra Falls, Chamarel Fals and Tamarin Falls.

An encounter with the lions       

Would you like to go on a long walk with the king of the jungle? Then you can do it at Mauritius. As long as you follow the rules of the wild, you are perfectly safe around them. You can walk with them, pat them and pose for photos. This thrilling experience would be once in a lifetime one, so don’t let it slip from your fingers. You will be guided by lion handlers who have years and years of experience in handling the kings of animals. Unlike certain other places, the animals here are not doped, so you can enjoy watching the animals, in their original habitat. You can walk with the lions at the Mauritius Safari and Bird Park and at Casela Nature and Leisure Park, Mauritius. However, rules are rules and you must follow when you are with the lions - like you have to be at least 5 feet tall, you should not let a lion follow you, you shouldn’t crouch in front of lion and so on. Break the rules and you might be on their menu for lunch.

Mountain biking at Mauritius

Do you love the feel of the wind on your hair and the exhilarating experience of mountain biking? Then you would be happy to know that that there are plenty of mountain biking options at Mauritius. There are plenty of adrenaline packed adventures that you can enjoy, backed by tremendous views of the nature. The virgin forests and the less travelled routes are all waiting for you to deliver a spectacular experience. Some unforgettable memories are made at Roche Noire and South West Region.

Roche Noire towards the east of Mauritius is a simple four-hour journey and if you are 12 years and above, you can easily be a part of it. This is a guided 30-kilometer tour that accommodates 30 people at a time.

In the South West Region tour, you go along the Macchabee Forest and explore the beautiful, indigenous tropical forests. Many people choose to go walking along this trail, but biking is really an adrenaline filled activity. You will be provided mountain bikes to participate in this activity, only thing is you need to be at least 16 years to participate in this. And make sure you are fit enough because the tracks could be really rough and mountainous. The icing on the cake is when you enjoy the snow white waters cascading over the rocks and gushing down, and the thick green bushes and trees in the vicinity. This is the best way in which you get closer to nature.

Sea Kayaking in Mauritius

Visitors vouch that Mauritius is the idyllic location for sea kayaking. It is also the most perfect way to explore the beauty of the mangrove forests. You can thus go for kayaking in different places within Mauritius, one of the most popular one of all is the D’Ambre island kayaking trip. Here you can enjoy the lovely greenery and the stunning vegetation, flora and fauna. You can go snorkeling as well and explore the awesome underwater world. Even though it is a very popular kayaking spot, you can still enjoy peace and quiet. Make it a full day kayaking, ecological trip, combined with a picnic and a lunch and enjoy a veritable paradise.

Underwater adventure

Have you ever gone underwater? If not, then Mauritius would be the greatest of places to do it. You can go down in a real submarine and explore the magnificent underwater aquatic life. When you go on an underwater adventure you will be accompanied by a skilled driver who would also act a your guide and point out all the sea creatures to you. You get to go at least 30 feet below the water and the ride would be 30 min duration. People who do not wish to dive, but enjoy a glimpse of the underwater get ready to go down in adventure submarines. On the way, you can enjoy underwater marvels like colorful coral reefs, exotic fishes and moraines.

Go flying above Mauritius

Mauritius is so beautiful that you wish you were a bird and go soaring over the top and enjoy the lovely greenery, the lush trees and hills, the exotic flora and fauna, the mystery of the deep, turquoise waters and more. So if you are going to enjoy a bird’s eye view, how about making it true? There are certain clubs in Mauritius that would offer this lifetime opportunity. You can fly over the lagoons and enjoy the view over the coastline and have a beautiful view of the surroundings islets and the pilot would regale you with stories of these islets.

A glimpse into the remote areas of Mauritius

You would, by now be convinced that there is no end to activities you can do at Mauritius. Hence, there are so many things you can do there. Do you like peace, quiet and silence? Perhaps, you would like to deviate a bit from the popular spots and head to off-beat destinations. Then you can take a journey to the remote areas of Mauritius, near Pamplenousses. There are so many viewpoints here, with lovely panorama and great photography spots. There are several viewing points when you go on hiking tours to numerous viewing points. Mauritus has some remote villages and you can visit those as well.

Quad biking at Mauritius

You must go on a quad biking at Mauritius if you want to absorb the true beauty of the reserves at African Savannah. Of course, several companies offer Quad biking vehicles and equipments, so you will just have to check the rates and availability. The time limit is usually 2 hours on the 4,500 hectares of the natural reserve park.  The best thing about the quad biking endeavor is that you can see plenty of wild animals along the way. They are quite used to visitors, so they will not dart.


See, Mauritius is pregnant with opportunities for adventure lovers. Planning a trip to Mauritus is easy once you know what kind of activities you are looking for. To make this even easier, you have the full team of Booking Squad helping you. Contact Booking Squad to plan your Mauritius adventure.

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