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  • Malaysia – A Travel Guide On How To Make Beautiful Memories
Malaysia – A Travel Guide On How To Make Beautiful Memories
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You may remember the advertisement that once graced your television channels, newspapers and hoardings. “Malaysia - Truly Asia”. The statement is quite true and inspiring because if you want to feel the true spirit of Asia in your mind and soul, you must visit Malaysia at least once in your lifetime. Malaysia is the land of stunning diversity and many travel enthusiasts call this beautiful destination as a melting pot of cultures. The beauty of Malaysia is that it is divided into two land masses known as West Malaysia and East Malaysia. West Malaysia shares its borders with Thailand (along the south part of the peninsula) and you can experience the South China Sea in East Malaysia. This article would explain in detail how you can experience the true culture, history and nature of Malaysia, while keeping in mind certain tips on do’s and don’t while visiting Malaysia.

Vacations create memories and memories are what you would want to hold on to when you’ve finished visiting a lovely and exotic destination. Here are some places that you would enjoy visiting in Malaysia.

Best places to visit in Malaysia


George Town

Head to Penang's George Town to experience the rich culture and history of Malaysia. At present, this city has majority of Chinese population, but you can also see traces of a fascinating mix of both European and Asian cultures as well, untouched and unscathed! The eclectic architecture is present in the ancient buildings. George Town is a perfect example of religious tolerance and evidence of this can be seen in Muslim mosques, Indian temples, Chinese temples and Anglican churches.


Penang is one of the most popular places in Malaysia and enjoys an astounding number of tourists every year. If you are planning to visit Malaysia and has only a few days in the country, then make the most of Penang by visiting the beaches and enjoying the culinary delights on offer. Penang is well known for its exquisite cuisine comprising of various delicacies from various places. When you visit Penang, you will know why food is so popular in the city; locals in the city enjoy their meal hours. You have already read about one popular place in Penang – the George Town. Well, there are other places too in the city and you must visit all those as well. For example, taking the cable car ride to the Penang Hill is an experience that cannot be described in words. You must also make haste and visit the National Park, don’t be fooled by its size, you have plenty to experience here at the park. Batu Ferringhi Beach is another popular tropical haven for tourists.


People who love visiting islands would love Langawaki islands. This is originally a group of 99 islands, out of which Langawaki is the most popular one. Plenty of tourists visit this island, and though it is not as crowded as Singapore and Thailand, you can still enjoy the rich flora and breathtaking beauty of the luscious rainforests. Nature lovers head to the tropical rainforest to enjoy seeing the indigenous animals on their trekking and hiking tours. The deeply resonating legend about a local inhabitant, Mashuri is another place that would fascinate you. The story goes that she has cursed this island for seven generations because she was once wrongly accused and punished of committing adultery.

Cameron Highlands

Cameron Highlands is the most favorite spot for locals looking to escape the tropical Malaysian climate. This a hill station, discovered by William Cameron (hence the name), a surveyor who stumbled across it when he was surveying the lands in Malaysia in 1885. Ever since then, this extensively hilly area has been converted into a full fledged tea plantation and is still one of the most beautiful places in the whole country. Apart from the breathtaking beauty of flower farms and luxurious lakes, the other most attractive thing about this place is its climate. The temperature stays between 10 and 21 degree Celsius, and offers a cool retreat to visitors who want to escape the sweltering heat.


Standing mighty and proud on the busy sea route along India and China is the beautifully historic town of Melaka.   Melaka is a famous place for tourists and visitors because it still holds traces of British, Dutch, Portuguese and Indian governments. The rich architecture, history and culture of this place exude the stunning heritage this town once had.

Kuala Lumpur  

Kuala Lumpur, the bustling large metropolis is the federal capital of Malaysia. The locals fondly call this city “KL”, and it is quite distinctive by its modern buildings and skyscrapers. The Central Market in Kuala Lumpur and Petronas Twin Towers are extremely popular among visitors. Petronas Twin Towers is the perfect example of the excellence in design and architecture while the Central Market stands synonymous for the exquisite Malaysian culture, art and jewelry. If you are looking for elaborate artworks, paintings and jewelry this is where you go.

Kota Kinabalu

Kota Kinabalu is the capital of Malaysian Borneo and is growing quickly as a famed tourism destination. You can enjoy indigenous wildlife in the forests, national parks and the stunning beauty of Mount Kinabalu. Snorkeling, diving and swimming enthusiasts head to Tunku Abdul Rahman Park, a few minutes from this city.


This is also a city in Borneo Island and is believed to be the biggest one in size. Apart from being a bustling city with plenty of historical landmarks, you can head to the Kuching Civic Center and enjoy the planetarium and its exciting shows.

Of course, the above mentioned destinations are not the only ones to visit in Malaysia. There are plenty more for you to enjoy and experience. It is true that with all that you can enjoy in Malaysia, you need to spend at least a week there.

A few tips that would help you plan a vacation to Malaysia

Malaysia has certain rules and regulations that you need to follow. Have a look at some of them:


Shake hands with men, but not with women unless they come forward on their own accord

If you are entering any shrines, then make sure you put your left foot forward first and when you leave, put your right foot forward

If you are buying electronic goods like camera, watch, radio, then they can be bought duty free in Malaysia, but if you are buying dutiable goods, then you need to pay a deposit; this would be refunded

Have an idea of how much Malaysian currency you will be needing; there is restriction in carrying currency to and from the country

You can burp all that you want in Malaysia; your host will be pleased that you’ve enjoyed the meal


Do not wear shoes or any sort of footwear while entering a temple/shrine

Alcohol consumption is not allowed

Women are not supposed to touch monks or even their robes; if they do so even if unknowingly then the monk will have to go through elaborate cleansing procedures

Do not indulge in public display of affection, including kissing

Political discussions are not encouraged

No illegal drug dealing; there is death penalty for trafficking

Planning a trip to Malaysia

It would be advisable to book your tour itinerary with the help of travel experts. Booking Squad helps thousands of people make their Malaysia tour memorable and fulfilling by providing them with customized itineraries and guidance on how to dress, eat and tour. If you are looking for any exciting last minute deals or best rates depending on your budget, then Booking Squad can help you with that as well.

Booking Squad helps you plan your itinerary so you can make the best of your Malaysian trip based on your time and budget. Customized packages are available to visitors who would like to plan an itinerary as compared to organized tours. As there are different genres of interests for visitors, historical, cultural and wildlife tours can also be arranged with incredible planning and thought. The tour planning would be inclusive of transportation requirements as well.

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