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  • Traveller’s Diary: Phi Phi Islands and A Trip Down Memory Lane
Traveller’s Diary: Phi Phi Islands and A Trip Down Memory Lane
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Phi Phi Islands are probably the only reason why anyone would touchdown in Phuket. Even with all the attention that this destination has been receiving in the past, Phi Phi is pretty laid back and without much hustle and bustle. One reason for this maybe because these islands are free of human habitation and without roads. With no schedule ahead of you there is no reason to ever be in any hurry.

To get away from my busy writing job and hectic schedules, I decided to go for a 2-week vacation in Asia. Living in the cold climes of London, having a warm sunny winter is like having your dream come true. I was all geared up for my solo girl trip and was hoping this would be more than just a normal vacation that I have every now and then.

I came up with a few things I feel all my fellow travellers must look forward to if they plan on going to Phi Phi.

Dive away at Hin Muang

With the diving height of 60 meters this site has the highest vertical wall in Phi Phi. These purple boulder waters are home to whale sharks, white sharks, tiger sharks and manta fish. Hin Muang also has a healthy coral reef, which can be enjoyed carefully out here.

Indulge in some sunsets by kayak

Rent a kayak and head out to the Wang Long Bay. The sunset is reflected in the ocean water along the horizon and is a sight for sore eyes. Get along some cheap beers at any 7-eleven and head out to the ocean to experience a magical sunset. And if that seems to bore you somehow, look forward to local life experiences at the Phi Phi market nearby. There are various shops selling fresh fruits, vegetables and seafood at reasonable costs.

Embrace your wild side with some crazy nightlife

If you are looking for some amazing nightlife and late night swims (yes, you read it right!), then Phi Phi is one hell of a place to be.  These islands are a paradise for cocktail bars, rowdy crowds and packed bars. Visit the Reggae Bar that has a boxing ring where you can often see fights among drunken people. And if that’s not your style then look forward to the bamboo huts with a laidback ambience at the Banana Rooftop Bar. You can also request for a special cigarette out here.

Get away from the crowd at The Bamboo Island

This island is more secluded than others in Phi Phi and has lots to offer as well. It lies within the confines of the National Marine Park and thus you will need a paid permit (400 baht) for visitation. Don’t forget to have a look at the Hin Klang Coral Reef and witness some of the biggest coral formations in the area. If you enjoy snorkeling, that this is a paradise for you.

Explore the Phi Phi Don Central region

Phi phi is squeezed between the Tonsai and Loh Dalum bay. It geographic location resembles a maze with lot of beaches around. Walk around the main beach full of tattoo shops, massage parlors, eateries and travel agencies. You can find tourists heading out to the Maya beach early morning. During the day most people explore the markets while looking forward to some crazy night scenes. Come 9 pm and the magic begins. Fire shows sparkle in the sky and live bands fill the air with their melodies. It’s a carnival like celebration out here every night in Phi Phi.

Trek to the Phi Phi viewpoint

Walk to the viewpoint to see both the bays of Phi Phi Don. Try to schedule your arrival at around sunset, which gives it a classic touch and a memory to cherish for life. It is fairly easy to walk all the way at a comfortable pace. Beware of mosquitoes out in the open jungle. Remember to carry a mosquito repellant along.

Make your pirate dreams come true

Not sure if all of you had them, but still you do need to check out the Viking Cave even if you don’t. You can only access the cave from afar but it still takes you to a different world altogether. Enjoy the caves without being in a wet, cramped and dark space with a trip out here.

Move around in a private catamaran

When in Phi Phi, island hopping is an adventure everyone can try out conveniently. With an island around every corner, hire a catamaran and sail through the waters looking for the perfect spot. If that is something that you may not enjoy then you can also rent out a traditional long-tail boat that is a more budget friendly option for travellers looking forward to some island hopping fun.

Find your way to a bucket

Well, buckets are the most popular thing out here. Even if you are not a fan of drinking, you must try these out at least once. Buckets are literally available everywhere after sunset so finding one can never be a problem. They contain a cheap mix of local Sang Som whiskey, mixer, red bull served with ice and straws in a bucket.

Have some breakfast with the sharks

Head over to the Phi Phi shark point and have some exciting fun with some black tip sharks. Head up to the point in a long tail boat and have them surround it in arcs as you reach. You can snorkel around these beautiful creatures and see them swimming around in groups.  Head back to the beach and enjoy some fruit and croissants. You can also head out to the Loh Samah Bay from here to enjoy some more amazing sights out here in Phi Phi.

Unwind your mojo at a beach

Nothing relaxes you more than a day at the beach. Lucky for us, there are plenty of beaches out here. Beaches like Loh Bagao Bay, Loh Dalum Bay, Long beach and Laem Tong offer stunning panoramic views and some excellent sand to sunbath in. If lying around is a problem, then look forward to water sports or hire a boat to explore the areas around.

If you are looking for an ultimate summer vacation destination, then honestly Phi Phi has it all. It has been like a hidden gem all these years. If you get the chance, do head out and enjoy everything that these islands have to offer.

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