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Wander Australia
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White Sunday Islands, Australia

The White Sunday Islands are uniquely positioned between Australia, Queensland and the Great Barrier Reef. Due to its locational advantage, the region is teeming with a massive stretch of marine life. Although many islands are still not habituated, many travellers enjoy the dense forests, pristine beaches and hiking trails.

These islands have been a very happening tourist spot of this century and have also been one of the most popular yachting destinations in the Southern Hemisphere. Visitors enjoy various water sports like power boating, sailing and kayaking.

Travel between Collinsville, heart reef and Airlie Beach to explore some spectacular landscapes and mingle with the local community. With 74 islands on board, the White Sunday Islands are like a box of assorted chocolates where you never know what’s coming next.

Because these are a big group of islands, a short boat trip can take you to many new places. Fly to the international airports at Hamilton Island or Proserpine and get started on your journey. The Hayman and Daydream Island will provide for unrealistic sceneries that are priceless.

Explore little friendly towns and secluded beaches that give you the intimacy that every holiday desperately desires.


One of the most livable cities in the world, Melbourne gives its people a fusion of art, culture, entertainment and a comfortable life. It stands at the apex of one of the world’s largest bays, Port Phillip Bay.

Enjoy the unpredictable weather while you stroll through the royal botanic gardens on the southern bank of the Yarra River. Enjoy commuting throughout the city with trains and trams, which are the most preferred mode of transport.

Melbourne is also home to spectacular parks, arcades, lanes and alleys. With many unique neighbourhoods to explore, the food scenes are always a celebration in Little Bourke St. and Victoria St along with many other architectural sites.

With so much to do, Melbourne never ceases to amaze travellers, tourists and it’s citizens. This city is always ready to amaze with a surprise every now and then.


Beaches, sunshine and the Opera House are what makes Sydney famous. This city caters more than 8 million visitors annually and is no doubt unique with its European history, varied lifestyle choices and a vibrant economy.

It is amazing how one can find diversity out here in Sydney with the tall forests and canyons of the Blue Mountains to the beautiful naturals views at Sydney Harbor. It is only out here that you could find a heritage courtyard or old butcher shop a hard-to-find speaksy.

And if still you need more then reach out to the Cockatoo Island and experience the wilderness at its best. Trek and camp along or book your own exquisite tent with all amenities to explore this island.

Sydney also boasts of a vibrant market culture where you can find plenty of fresh produce, handmade crafts and vintage fashion. Visit the Bondi Farmers Markets and enjoy from various delicacies to trigger your taste buds. This city has its own spirit, which can be seen in the cultural landscape of Sydney.


Find the best of all worlds in the city of Perth where sand beaches meet an eclectic mix of bars, restaurants and street art. The city’s warm and balmy nights give the best weather to enjoy a drink out below the starry skies.

This Western Australia capital has its own laid-back charm, which can be either a sunset at the Cottesloe Beach or Fremantle’s 19th-century port streetscape. Hop on and off the central area transit bus to explore the many attractions all around the city.

Indulge in a walk at the Kings Park and enjoy a spectacular view of the Swan River and the city skyline. Plan a trip to the Idyll Island and follow a snorkel tail at Parker Point. Enjoy Perth’s famous laneway bar scenes at Helvetica, Cheeky Sparrow and Wolfe Lane Bar.


Heart of Tropical North Queensland, Cairns is famously known as the gateway to the Great Barrier Reef. If it’s an adrenaline rush that you are looking for, then Cairns is definitely the right getaway. Experience an exciting journey with aboriginal experience and a trip to a rainforest village.

This city is an ultimate paradise for a nature lover. Get intimate with the powerful aboriginal tribes and savour a relaxed lifestyle amidst sky rail adventures and jungles with gorges and waterfalls.

Hire a motor catamaran and visit the bird sanctuary at Michaelmas Cay or go see the underwater observatory at Moore Reef. Cairns Night Markets are a good place to shop for local craft and try indigenous herbs and seafood. Be a part of the tribe with music and dance by the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander natives.

This city has the potential to truly bring out the wild side out to the forefront. With wildness filled experiences, Cairns is truly a power-packed adventure package for the globetrotter.


The capital city of Queensland has a collection of places to offer. Brisbane is home to many natural pleasures that come packed with an urban lifestyle. One can find art galleries, contemporary art museums and endless other creative spaces just around the corner.

This city boasts of a sophisticated economy and promises a growing investment market. Expect to find a collection of world-class industries and other places to explore within the region.

The city hosts the City Welcome Festival, which is Australia’s biggest orientation fest for international students. With plenty of open space to reside, Brisbane is one of the world’s most livable cities.

Enjoy the cultural fusion of nature, art, food, architecture and folklore with endless sceneries and food fests that will leave you in a frenzy. Enjoy bed and boutique hotels, wine and dine and shop in Brisbane all year around.


The city of Hobart is the second oldest in Australia and is also the capital city of Tasmania. Hobart has a captivating and unique history and is also home to many natural wonders like Battery Point and Mount Wellington.

Picturesque mountains and rugged waterways are not the only enticing quality of this city, as one can come across one the best fine-dining experiences of their life when in Hobart.

The city supports farmers and is proud to use the freshest produce in the entire region. Many awards winning restaurants and waterfront punts come together to give foodaholics a taste of the city.

There are many things that this city has to offer. Take a walk down the famous waterfront, go to Mona for a modern art encounter or just blend in the fever pity that hits the city at all festivities.


The cosmopolitan city of Adelaide is a hearty neighbourhood that comes with plenty of emotional and physical space. The city has seen a resurgence in the past decade and is now a booming hub of cultural, economy and education. It proudly boasts of a lifestyle that can be a dream for most Australians.

Because with good lifestyle comes some great wine and dine-ins, you will find yourself lost to a bustling dining experience and a variety of other world-class events. Adelaide also has an entire coastal line with some of the country’s most beautiful beaches.

Its party season as the festivities begin with Mad March with various international sport and musical acts. Festivals make sure you never miss out on the amazing food all year round. Dine alfresco or wander off to any beachside cafés, but the food will never let you down. Enjoy a cultural mix or international and native flavours with the spirited city of Adelaide.


The twin harbour city of Auckland is also known as the gateway to New Zealand. It has an amalgamation of harbour’s, islands, bays and beaches that would leave any traveller speechless. You can never run out of adventures when in Auckland.

Dive in the Island Marine Reserve, explore the volcanic island of Rangitoto, jump off the Sky Tower or take a boat to the Great Barrier Island; the options are endless. Auckland is a city with a unique demographic and cultural diversity and is a perfect holiday destination for the new age traveller.

Savour world-class cuisines and spoil yourself with five-star accommodations. Auckland also boasts of a vibrant nightlife, vineyards and several shopping districts to help you make most of your time. Indulge in the serene natural beauty and rejuvenate while you vacation in Auckland.


This English heritage town is located on the east coast of New Zealand’s south island. Also referred to as the garden city, Christchurch is surrounded by hills on one side to the vast expanse of the Pacific Ocean on the other.

The area is prone to earthquakes and was recently hit by a 7.1 richer scale earthquake in 2010. It also led to a great loss of many heritage monuments and human lives. The city is still recovering from the aftermath of the natural calamity.

Explore the calmness with beautiful gardens and well-manicured parks, walk along the Avon River or ski at the famous Alpine Resort. This city has countless adventurous and romantic itineraries planned for every holiday purpose.

One can feel the rich traditional English culture as the city always stays true to its old thriving heritage. Christchurch gives a blissful combination of urban regeneration and innovation and this is evident in its culture, heritage and other existing exhilarating activities.

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