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Wander Canada
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The Canadian boundaries house 3 territories and 10 provinces with the city of Ottawa being the central capital. The country embraces pluralism and cultural diversity and thus one fifth of its population are immigrants from around the world. The maple leaf is eminent as the country is responsible for three quarters of the total maple syrup production worldwide. It is also the official arboreal emblem of the country and has a place in the flags, currency and coat of arms.

The country boasts of a high standard of living and has many high-ranking educational institutes as well. There is supreme natural beauty around here and Canada is also home to the largest number of lakes in the world some of them being Erie, Superior, Michigan, Huron and Ontario.


The Rocky Mountains in the West and the Niagara Falls are some of the other natural wonders in this country. The climate is generally towards the colder domains throughout the year. Major cities in the country are Toronto, Ottawa, Ontario, Vancouver, Calgary and Quebec.


Vancouver is a seaport city in British Columbia and is culturally vibrant being home to diversities from around the globe. This city has much to offer for the global traveller and one can never have enough of Vancouver. Visit the Capilano Suspension Bridge build across a canyon and a river with a series of other suspension bridges. The Vancouver Aquarium has over 50000 animal and bird species. There are shark, dolphin and sea otter shows along with hand-on animal encounters.

The H. R. Macmillan Space Centre brings you a step closer to the wonders of the space. Explore the Stanley Park in an old style horse-drawn vehicle and wander along the VanDusen Botanical Gardens that has a beautiful outdoor oasis and a hedge maze. Climb atop the Vancouver Lookout and get breathtaking aerial views of this gleaming city. There are many other intriguing places to visit like the Vancouver Art Gallery, Omnimax at the Science Centre and the Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Gardens.


A cosmopolitan city full of skyscrapers also makes for a nice vacation destination not only for the domestic population but also for travellers across all seas. Calgary lies in the proximity of the Rocky Mountain Ranges and many other national parks. This city is a well known adventure destination for hiking, skiing and nature sightseeing. A never to miss event is the Calgary Stampede that goes on for 10 days and brings out the best cowboy themed entertainment.

The Calgary Zoo and Historic Park are now more than a century old and protects many rare and endangered species of plants and animals. The Historical Park on the other has many old buildings, ruins and vintage vehicles. Visit the Olympic Natural Park and getting an adrenaline rush with some toboggans, mountain bikes, zip-lines and bob sled. Walk around the Eau Claire Market in Prince’s Island Park with little shopping areas and outdoors concerts. Fort Calgary and The Aerospace Museum are also places worth a visit.


Montreal is an urban gem in the Canadian province of Quebec. The city is well known for its food and other entertainment scenes and is a well-sought tourist destination by travellers of all ages. Don’t be surprised to find a lot of people conversing in Fresh as it is one of the largest French-speaking cities in the world. Montreal was also the largest city in Canada until Toronto took over the title in the 70s. The city is also home to Cirque Du Soleil, the largest theatrical company in the world.

Montreal has the highest number of restaurants per capita across the entire country, so having so scrumptious food is always a given. Try out the Montreal style bagel, smoked meat sandwich and some poutine to get a real taste of the region. The city hosts annual festivals during the summers and they are grand and vibrant in every aspect. The Montreal Jazz Festival, The Fireworks Festival and Just for Laughs are seasonal festivals most travellers look forward too.


Winnipeg is the capital of the Manitoba province in Canada. This city has an abundance of recreation to offer like museums, landmarks, parks, shopping centers and other outdoor activities. Winnipeg is a very modern and eye-catching city, the beauty of which is seen in the shining skyline glowing like a beacon all the time. Climb to the Tower Of Hope, which will give you some awe-inspiring views of the city. Walk across the Exchange District that boasts of some handsome and architecturally sound buildings full of bistros and cafes. There are also many art galleries, antique and vintage shops that are housed in this brick and beam structure.

The Forks National Historic Site and Fortwhyte Alive are must see destinations for nature lovers as they can explore a natural oasis among the prairies and a central market to let you choose from a wide variety of entertainment activities set amidst the natural beauty of the rivers Assiniboine and Red. Visit the Churchill Exhibit at the Assiniboine Park Zoo and watch majestic mammals perform around a glass dome. The Manitoba Museum, Royal Canadian Mint and Winnipeg Art Gallery are a few other locations one must visit when in Winnipeg.


The capital city of Canada is an important business centre and proudly showcases Canada’s heritage around every street, landmark and corner. There are many wonderful museums, cultural heritage sites and other landmarks all across Ottawa. The city comes alive every year beginning with the Winterlude celebrations in February, through to the Canadian Tulip Festival in May and leading to the biggest 1st July Canada Day carnival throughout the country. There are many other festivals that happen around the city throughout the year.

Ottawa had a perfect combination of nature and urban architecture and gives out a cosmopolitan vibe about itself. There are many distinctive neighborhoods with chic shops, farmer markets, food festivals, pubs, eateries and nightclubs. There is always fun and frolic around the corner. Visit Ottawa anytime of the year and celebrate life king size.


If the cold gets to you and sunny days are what you are looking for then Regina is the right place for you. This city is a must see destination for sport and adventure fans and the RCMP Heritage Centre is a must visit for all tourists out here. Regina is also home to the world famous Mark McMorris, who was the first snowboarder to land a backside triple cork 1440. Head along to the Mission Ridge Winter Park in the Qu’Appelle Valley and see some live action.

Visit the traditional Regina’s Farmers Market that has been selling harvest and some amazing food since 1975. The Wascana Centre Park houses the largest Western Painted Turtle, Olga and is a huge green space worth exploring. You can also see the longest bridge over the smallest expanse of water at the Albert Street Memorial Bridge. The city is also famous for its Globe Theatre that got Emmy winner Tatiana Maslany a start in her career and a grand symphony orchestra.


The city of Saskatoon has seven bridges and is also often referred to the ‘Paris of the Prairies’. The city has immensely evolved in the past 150 years or so and there is so much fun around here now. It houses some great distilleries and microbreweries like Great Western Brewing, Lucky Bastard Distillers, Prairie Sun and Paddock Wood. And if the alcohol get too hard on you then luckily Saskatoon is also the country’s coffee capital.

Visit the Pike Lake Provincial Park and enjoy a sunny day with a snow glazed or lush green lawn by your side. There are also many amazing hiking trails that give you some of the best glimpses of nature like the Meewasin Trail and the Trans Canada Trail stretching cross-country from coast to coast. Enjoy the Shakespeare on the Saskatchewan Festival where local artists produce some excellent plays. There are endless our activities that make this city a lively part of the Canadian nation.

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