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8 Ways To Have The Best Holiday In Switzerland
  • International / admin / 1696 Views

Switzerland is a popular tourism destination, and there is more to this country with its soul stirring landscapes and roller coaster ride of visual treats, Martin Luther King and Albert Einstein. Let’s explore Switzerland today and the different ways in which this destination is going to give you the best travel experience ever.

1. The...

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Trip Ideas For Singapore Vacation
  • International / admin / 1187 Views

Singapore with its strong multicultural influence is one of the most popular tourism destinations in the entire world. People throng the city all year round. If you look at the rankings of the World Tourism Organization, you will be pleased to note that Singapore is the 5th most visited city on an international level. The city has also...

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Planning a Kuala Lumpur Vacation With Kids
  • International / admin / 1112 Views

If you are planning a family vacation with kids then Malaysia would be a good destination. You can plan a number of adventurous, entertaining, educational and fun activities in Malaysia. There are a lot of activities to do with your kids in Malaysia that you need to have an idea of what all to do, or you will miss many of them.

Most of the...

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Hong Kong Points Of Interest
  • International / admin / 1109 Views

Hong Kong points of interest prove that it is a beautiful city with lovely harbour views, amazing skyscrapers, highness buildings and plenty more. The twinkling lights of Hong Kong are so beautiful that many people come here to view the lights show every night. In fact it is a city that never sleeps, and the lights in the buildings  are so...

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Mauritius Holidays: Things To Do In Mauritius
  • International / admin / 3225 Views

Mauritius, the melting pot of cultures, where the blend of the past and the present beckons every curious visitor, is a must visit destination. A volcanic island nation, Mauritius is famous for its blue and broad lagoons, lovely coral reefs and scintillating beaches. Mauritius holidays are extremely popular whether you are planning for a...

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Planning A Walking Holiday In The Austrian Alps
  • International / admin / 1281 Views

The three most magnificent ways to explore the true beauty of any destination would be to indulge in walking, trekking and cycling. Breathing in the fresh air of the countryside, where the backdrop of the misty mountain beckons you to savor the refreshing feel of the morning sun and the light breeze that caresses your hair as you walk along...

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Discover the land of five rivers: Punjaub Queensland Australia
  • International / admin / 1074 Views

Yes, you are reading the title of this article right. We are in fact talking about the Punjaub in Australia!

You might be thinking to your self that this is just another story created by a bunch of punjaubees , but we assure you it most definitely is not.

It is a very real place and we bet you never knew about this Punjaub Australia...

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15 Things You Can’t Miss To Do In Nova Scotia
  • International / admin / 3448 Views

The province of Nova Scotia lies on the eastern side of Canada on the Atlantic Ocean. These offshore islands boast of an abundant animal life and have a lot to offer to the new age traveller. Apart from amazing scenic beauty there are many things you must look forward to when in Nova Scotia.

If you are planning a trip around, here are 15...

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Wander Asia
  • International / admin / 1257 Views


Singapore has been an upcoming tourist destination and has been satisfying an increasing number of global travellers since the past decade. It provides a satisfying family vacation where there is something exciting for all age groups. Excellent public transport is an easy way to commute around Singapore, and there are many luxury...

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Wander Australia
  • International / admin / 2044 Views

White Sunday Islands, Australia

The White Sunday Islands are uniquely positioned between Australia, Queensland and the Great Barrier Reef. Due to its locational advantage, the region is teeming with a massive stretch of marine life. Although many islands are still not habituated, many travellers enjoy the dense forests, pristine beaches and...

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Wander Canada
  • International / admin / 5593 Views


The Canadian boundaries house 3 territories and 10 provinces with the city of Ottawa being the central capital. The country embraces pluralism and cultural diversity and thus one fifth of its population are immigrants from around the world. The maple leaf is eminent as the country is responsible for three quarters of the total...

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Enjoy a Las Vegas Styled Vacation in Asia at Genting Highlands
  • International / admin / 2156 Views

Situated in the hilly regions of Banjaran Titiwangsa, Genting is a luxury resort renowned for its hotels, nightlife and casinos. With a cool breeze and local entertainment around every corner, Genting Highlands is one destination that has something in store for every traveller out there.

Turns out, gambling your money and vacation away...

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Here’s Your Ultimate Koh Samui Guide for 2018
  • International / admin / 1976 Views

It was a mere four decades ago that Koh Samui was first being discovered by travellers. Back then, luxury meant a hut with running electricity and water and trying out mushrooms on the menu.

Fast forward 40 years and now we have an extravagant holiday destination that boasts of exclusive wine bars, resorts and nightclubs.  Fine sand and...

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Holidaying in Phuket on a Budget
  • International / admin / 2058 Views

Phuket is probably the biggest tourist destination in all of Thailand. Be it over-developed beaches, tiny towns or sex tourism, this place has it all. Phuket has something in store for all kinds of travellers and people of different age groups.


Travelling on a budget is something many travellers have to endure these days.

After all...

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A trip to India
  • International / admin / 1994 Views


The capital city of India is a cultural hub of fun, frolic and heritage; and has enjoyed this status since ancient times. Delhi flaunts a buzzing night life and an extravagant cultural background. There is beauty among every crevice and niche in Delhi.

This city has a plethora of experiences for the new age traveller. Experience busy...

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The Ultimate Guide To Holidaying in Krabi
  • International / admin / 2048 Views

If you are looking for beachside adventure, then Krabi has so much more to offer. There are heaps of activities to indulge in be it long lazy beach days or rock climbing adventures. This Thai province is made up of 8 districts popular for an ultimate tropical getaway.

Below we have come up with an ultimate guide to help you plan your trip to...

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A holiday in Pakistan
  • International / admin / 2142 Views


The capital city of Pakistan came into existence for the sake serving as a capital city and wad built in 1960 by the then President General Ayub Khan. Islamabad boasts of an abundance of natural terraces and natural meadows. The city is green, clean and well planned layout that comes as a blessing for the residents.

The 500 year...

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Places To Visit On Your First Visit To Kuala Lumpur
  • International / Places To Visit On Your First Visit To Kuala Lumpur / 1931 Views

Capital city of Malaysia, home to the Petronas Twin Towers; Kuala Lumpur boasts of a modern skyline and is home to various landmarks belonging to the British Colonial Era.

To enjoy this city, immerse yourself in the century old culture and several other hidden gems in and around the city. And it doesn’t just end at these mesmerizing...

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Traveller’s Diary: Phi Phi Islands and A Trip Down Memory Lane
  • International / admin / 1940 Views

Phi Phi Islands are probably the only reason why anyone would touchdown in Phuket. Even with all the attention that this destination has been receiving in the past, Phi Phi is pretty laid back and without much hustle and bustle. One reason for this maybe because these islands are free of human habitation and without roads. With no schedule...

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Langkawi: Malaysia’s Natural Getaway Paradise
  • International / admin / 2025 Views

The Langkawi are a close group of islands close to the coast of Kedah in Southeast Asia. If you are looking to get away from the turmoil’s of city life, then this destination has a lot to offer. From pristine beaches to duty-free shopping, this place has it all.

A popular beach destination, you can look forward to many natural landscapes...

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How to ‘do’ your vacation right in Bangkok
  • International / admin / 1973 Views

The capital city of Bangkok has been a popular destination that has been sought after by travellers from around the world. You can a colorful street life and ornate shrines around every corner. With action at every corner and gleaming temples that can take your breadth away, this hot vacation city is a must see if you are travelling though...

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Adventure Sports In Mauritius
  • International / admin / 2058 Views

Mauritius must have been labeled the typical honeymoon destination, but the real picture is that Mauritius offers something for everyone. Whether it is for diving deep into the depths of turquoise blue waters to glimpse the coral reefs and the sea worlds or go parasailing or simply zip through the trees, you are really going to enjoy and...

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Malaysia – A Travel Guide On How To Make Beautiful Memories
  • International / admin / 2751 Views

You may remember the advertisement that once graced your television channels, newspapers and hoardings. “Malaysia - Truly Asia”. The statement is quite true and inspiring because if you want to feel the true spirit of Asia in your mind and soul, you must visit Malaysia at least once in your lifetime. Malaysia is the land of stunning...

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Mauritius Holidays: Things To Do In Mauritius
  • International / admin / 0 Views

Mauritius, the melting pot of cultures, where the blend of the past and the present beckons every curious visitor, is a must visit destination. A volcanic island nation, Mauritius is famous for its blue and broad lagoons, lovely coral reefs and scintillating beaches. Mauritius holidays are extremely popular whether you are planning for a...

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The Ultimate Travel Guide to Macau
  • International / admin / 4338 Views

Macau, known as the Las Vegas of Asia attracts a large number of tourists every year. Being a small peninsula in mainland China, and situated right across Pearl River Delta from Hong Kong, Macau was a Portuguese overseas territory until 1999. This is the reason why you can see a mix of Portuguese and Chinese influence in their culture,...

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