Mauritius Holidays: Things To Do In Mauritius

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Mauritius, the melting pot of cultures, where the blend of the past and the present beckons every curious visitor, is a must visit destination. A volcanic island nation, Mauritius is famous for its blue and broad lagoons, lovely coral reefs and scintillating beaches. Mauritius holidays are extremely popular whether you are planning for a honeymoon getaway or a family trip.

Here are some things you can do while holidaying in Mauritius

Deep Sea Fishing

– Being an island, it is no wonder why tourists are attracted to deep sea fishing during their vacation in Mauritius. While its rich marine fauna is attractive to visitors, you must organize a trip in order to get the best out of deep sea fishing in Mauritius. Both beginners and professionals can get a lot of fun and entertainment here. The best place to enjoy the beauty of Mauritius and deep sea fishing would be at the East Coast, according to visitors. The unspoiled beauty and the glorious waterfalls are also the major attractions of the area and the hospitality of the inhabitants only make it even better. So get ready to feel the beautiful tug and the pull of a fulfilling shipping expedition. After fishing, you can also explore the traditional fishing village, Trou D’Eau Douce and observe the typical Mauritian way of life. The best time to go fishing in Mauritius would be November to April period.

The 7 colors of Chamarel

The natural phenomena at Chamarel, a village in Rivière Noire District, is a must. The seven colors of the earth are due to the chemicals present in the earth and the lovely shades of purple, blue and cyan are due to the different compositions of iron and aluminum oxides. The most interesting or perhaps amusing part is when you take the different colored dirt and mix them together – they would eventually fall back into the colored spectrum that it was.  Torrential rains or wind can do nothing to disrupt this natural wonder and geologists are still in awe of it. You can also see some giant tortoises in this area.

National History Museum in Port Louis

The National History Museum at Mauritius forms an integral part of Mauritius holidays. Located in city of Port Louis, you can discover an enchanting word of marine and avian life, different varieties of insects at the Fauna Gallery, the Giant Tortoise Gallery, Meteorology and the World of the Dodo bird. Each of these galleries have something or the other for you to marvel at; you can see the egg of dinosaur bird, believed to be huge enough to contain at least 180 chicken eggs, several endangered species of birds, the dodo gallery and more.


With the breathtaking scenery and incredible endemic flora and fauna, no holiday in Mauritius would ever be completed without a hiking and trekking expedition. Endless possibilities of these are open before you in the form of mountains, canyons, forests, waterfalls, rivers and you are surely going to be thrilled by the stunning views offered from different points. Depending on your activity level and interest, you can go on a half-day or full-day trek.


– The spas at Mauritius are an oasis of peace, and when you put yourself at the hands of expert masseurs, you can relax your muscles and just enjoy. Some of the best spas are offered at Hilton, Prince Maurice, Oberoi, The Residence, Sofitel Imperial, the Royal Palm and One&Only Le Saint Géran. It is time you treat yourself to the ultimate indulgence of the purifying saunas, refreshing handcrafted mangrove showers, chilling ice fountains and detoxifying herbal steam baths.

Mauritian Wildlife Foundation

There aren’t many people who are not fond of wildlife, so make Mauritian Wildlife Foundation a part of your itinerary. A short tour in here would take around two hours, while a longer one would be around for 2½ to 3. Since you have to walk for a long time, it would be advisable to wear comfortable shoes, umbrella, sunscreen and of course, remember to carry water bottles. You will have a wonderful time walking around and looking at all the threatened and endemic species of Mauritius. In order to preserve natural forest life, several bird restoration programs are also actively been held here. The foundation is the efforts of a non governmental organization devoted to the efforts of conservation and preservation of animals and birds.

Black River Gorges National Park

This hugely expansive national park is located on the hilly south-western part of Mauritius. It is the only mainland national park in the country, and with its largest accessible native forest, you can observe several endemic and endangered bird species here. Well maintained, it gives you the feeling of walking in the forest. You can see several hikers and joggers on the way.

Photography Museum

It is not very easy to spot this place, but you can find it at ‘La rue du vieux Conseil’ in Port-Louis, a lovely little place if you love photography. It is not very big, but you can see the exhibits of a very passionate photographer. Apart from getting a glimpse into the world of photography, you can learn a lot of things about early newspapers as well.

Water sports at Mauritius

If you love water and want to indulge in exciting water-based activities at Mauritius, then here are some:

Water skiing – Do you feel that adrenaline rush, just by reading this? We bet you do. A high-octane sport that get your spirit running, if you are used to water-skiing, enjoy it here.

Parasailing – Unmatched thrill and fun, with a bird’s view of mesmerizing lagoons.

Cave Sea Kayaking – The best mode of transport to visit all the mysterious ancient caves and islands around Mauritius. And don’t forget to visit the gorgeous basalt rock gardens as well.

Blue Safari Submarine – Perhaps, you would like to explore the magnificence of sea life without getting wet. Here is an option at Blue Safari Submarine. A totally new world of fun awaits you here.

Deep Sea Fishing – All fishing enthusiasts come here, and fishing as part of water sports in Mauritius is the best experience here.

Underwater Sea Walk – Get ready for an absolutely exhilarating experience; nothing best to describe this other than to experience it yourself

Dolphin Spotting and Whale Watching – One of the most memorable above the water adventure, and a must in your itinerary.

Underwater Scooter – An exciting new level of adventure awaits you here. The experience is simply awesome, and cannot be described through words.

The street food, of course

Now that you have an idea of all the top things to do in Mauritius, you should try your hand at the lip-smacking delicious street food at Mauritius. Without that, your holiday in Mauritius will not be completed. As Mauritius is a lovely mix of Chinese, Indian, African and Creole cultures, the culinary delights on offer here are also bursting with a repertoire of flavors that play heavenly music on your palette. Would you like a little mix of flavors, colors and spices of different cultures, then you can try that as well here. Hence, don’t forget to try Creole Curry made with freshly caught fish or the French bullion laced with mesmerizing Indian spices. And for a refreshing drink, you can relish the heavenly taste of coconut water; it is totally irresistible. Other delicacies enjoyed at the various food counters along the streets are sugarcane juice, samosas, Chana Puri, Dhol Puri, rotis in different flavors and sauces and chopped fruit with chili and sugar.

In closing

Of course, these are not all the activities that you can do at Mauritius. But try these for starters and have fun with your friends and family. Have an enjoyable vacation by getting in touch with Booking Squad because we can help you chart an itinerary that includes all these activities and more. So what are you waiting for?

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