Planning a Walking Holiday In the Austrian Alps

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The three most magnificent ways to explore the true beauty of any destination would be to indulge in walking, trekking and cycling. Breathing in the fresh air of the countryside, where the backdrop of the misty mountain beckons you to savor the refreshing feel of the morning sun and the light breeze that caresses your hair as you walk along are just some of the attractions that lure a walking enthusiast into Austrian Alps. And no wonder too, since Austria is one of the most popular walking destinations in Europe with incredible pastoral landscapes, with picturesque villages set in the backdrop of stunning alpine vistas and marked with well-planned trekking routes and charts. A highlight to the walking tour to Austria would be the locals who are noted for their friendly nature and accommodating behavior. They will make you feel instantly welcome and regale you with stories of these destinations, their lifestyle and culture.

Walking is a recreational activity that is actually a passionate exercise for those who live in Austria as well. Hence, there are several places in the country where you can go on exciting hiking and walking trips. Here are four exciting walking and hiking options that we have charted to fulfill your desire of having a walking holiday in the Austrian Alps:


Carinthia is a place of outstanding beauty with rolling hills and mountains and absolutely loved by walking enthusiasts. The Nockberge Mountains, with its average height of about 2,200 meters is an easy walk if you are not too keen on hard paced walking endeavor. Along the way, you can also visit Nockberge National Park, covering 186 square kilometres and lying 1300 meters above sea level. Lying along the border of Slovenia and Austria, you have the Karawanken Mountains with its excellent hiking and walking trails on offer. Don’t miss this because towards the west, you can see the truly magnificent Carnic Alps, the imposing Mt. Hehe Warte, the highest peak of the Carnic Alps. When you see these amazing sights, you will definitely experience being on the top of the world. Nature lovers enjoy this place because of the beautiful views and the magnificent Southern Limestone Alps along the Caninthia border with Udine in North Italy and Friuli-Venezia Giulia.

The best walking trails in Carinthia are Lake Klopeinersee, Central Carinthia, Katschberg-Renweg, Lake Millstättersee, Lake Weissensee Region, Lake Wörthersee, Lavanttal Valley

Salzburger Land

Infused with exciting walking trails and with an enchanting heritage to boot, Salzburger Land is definitely a must when you are on a walking holiday to Austria. With mighty peaks in the backdrop and sweeping valleys complementing them, you can trek along the paths with your partner in tow and enjoy visiting the Hohe Tauern National Park as an additional attraction. Along the borders of this national park, you can visit towns like Zell am See, Kaprun and Saalbach Hinterglemm. As there is a network of enchanting walking trails, walkers are often spoilt for choice. Did you know that Salzburger Land has more than 185 picturesque lakes, some of the largest mountain peaks in the area and an incredible nature to complement them all? The highest peak at Salzburger Land, Mt. Grossvenediger, lying at a height of 3,666 meters is truly a magnificent sight to behold.

There are different types of walking trails in Salzburger Land, so you have the option to choose the easiest one, the mildly challenging one and the really challenging one. But to walk along the valleys, climbing those grassy mountains, punctuated with stunning lakes is definitely a sight to behold. The area is also a photographer’s paradise as you can find plenty of new angles to capture. Another attractive feature that you can enjoy here is for wildlife lovers. There is a protected nature reserve where you can catch a glimpse of the local animals, birds and if you are lucky, the elusive Alpine Chamois. As there are plenty of farms dotted along the landscape, you can always drop in at one of these for a refreshing drink and rest.

The main walking trails in Salzburger Land are Lammertal Valley, Grossarotal Valley, Gasterinertal Valley, Lungau, NP Hohe Tauern Salzburger Land, Obertauern, Saalachtal Valley, Salzburg Sport World, Salzburg Lake District


Salzkammergut offers glorious scenery with quintessential lakes and charming villages. There are more than 76 glassy blue lakes in Salzkammergut and you can view most of them, depending on your trekking route and itinerary. The most popular attraction for walkers in this part of Austria is the Dachstein mountain range as it offers a wide variety of attractions and adventure activities. The Salzkammergut areas has the world famous UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Hallstatt region, and hence you shouldn’t miss this one when you are on a walking holiday in Austria. It would also be a great trip where you can enjoy the customs and observe traditional architecture and savor the delectable cuisine prepared by the friendly locals. A trek along the Salzkammergut is filled with two extremes – tranquility and adventure, with different challenge levels, including very easy hiking trails that are family friendly as well. These trails would take you right into the heart of some of the most magnificent parts of alpine world.

You can try out walking areas like Almtal Valley, Ausseerland, Bad Ischi, Dachstein West, Lake Fuschisee, Lake Mondsee, Lake Irrsee, Lake Wolfgangsee.

Upper Austria

The scenic beauty of Upper Austria with its pretty wooded landscapes, lolling hills and a perfect terrain with fertile riverbanks attract serious walkers. Upper Austria is not generally crowded by walkers because it still remains an enigma to many, so if you want to enjoy your walking in peace and quiet, you can head to Upper Austria. You have acres and acres of fields, unexplored forest areas, meadows and marshes where time seems to stand still and everything takes on a beautiful glow, because that’s where the true beauty of nature lies. To the south of Upper Austria, you can see the famous National Park Kalkalpen, and along its border, a magical walking area Pyhrn-Priel, noted for its lovely trails and rich cultural heritage. These areas are further accentuated by the mystical mountains Totes Gebirge and Sensengebirge ranges. The highest peaks in these areas  reach up to 2000 meters and 2500 meters. You can also feast your eyes on the some of the oldest mountain ranges of Europe and some are so old that time has constrained them to be huge rocky paths.

You will enjoy walking along these areas in Upper Austria – Mühlviertel Alm, Mühlviertel/Böhmerwald, National Park Kalkalpen, Pyhrn-Priel and Mühlviertel Central

Benefits of a walking holiday in the Asutrian Alps

Walking along the well-marked trails of Austria would give you immense pleasure because you are walking in close contact with nature, feeling the invigorating air and feasting your eyes and senses on the snow-capped peaks of Tyrol, the mesmerising hills and lakes along the different routes, and many more as you go along.

As you walk along the chartered paths of Austria, you might want to take a well-deserved break and rest for the night. In such cases, you can be safe at the huts that are built along these remote mountainous areas. These huts are actually large, spacious buildings where you can enjoy basic facilities, accommodation and food.

Getting ready to make a move?

Planning a walking holiday in Austria sounds exciting enough, doesn’t it? If you want to know more about planning such a trip or would like to discuss your walking itinerary with experts, get in touch with Booking Squad. We have some exciting deals on offer for you.