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Corporate Events

Corporate Events

Planning a corporate meeting has become a trendy event with more and more companies wanting to make the meeting a memorable event, apart from the regular discussions and decisions.

If your company is planning a huge board meeting or a corporate event in India, then Booking Squad would help you plan and execute it to perfection. Here are some of the trending things in a corporate meeting:


Location scouting is one of the most important aspects of a corporate meeting. Whether it is for our domestic or international clientele, we have the expertise and knowledge base to deliver exactly according to customer demand. While choosing a location, we would also narrow down the possible venues based upon their cultural significance and importance.

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Food and beverages choices

Though the primary purpose of a corporate meeting is to discuss business, a great deal of attention is paid to the quality of food and beverage served. It is said that food and beverage play a distinctive role in the success of a business meeting. Culinary delights are decided as per the nationality of the dignitaries, while keeping a special section dedicated to the special delights of Indian cuisine. Booking Squad has the expertise and knowledge to arrange for venues according to the culinary specialties of different regions.
A health menu apart from the regular catering requirements is also an upcoming trend we provide. Many of the delegates attending corporate events prefer to eat salads and healthy juices. They need workout sessions, gym access and running tracks to continue their health and diet regime.

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Connectivity is the most important trending aspect after location. So while choosing a venue for the meeting, we choose a location that provides high-speed connectivity.