With spectacular beaches, unique terraced rice cultivations, stunning temples, exotic mediation destinations and more, Bali, the Indonesian island is a place to visit at least once in your lifetime.

    A trip to Bali would definitely be an all in one trip because you get to enjoy a little of everything – culture, nature, spiritual, history. The veritable treasure trove of adventure, Bali has always been the best place for families and friends.

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    The nightlife in Bali

    Beach Clubs

    Bali is home to the finest collection of beach clubs like Cocoon, Mozaic and Potato Head where you can party till your head spins, watch the sunset till you get tired of it

    Night Shopping

    Bali gets even more exciting in the night, especially those keen on shopping and dining. You can browse through the traditional food and snacks at cheap rates if you scour through Gianyar, Kereneng and Badung.

    Traditional dance performances

    Enjoy theatrical performances, complete with legendary singing and dancing rituals at different temples and theatres of Bali. Some of the noted performances can be enjoyed at Tanah Lot Temple, Uluwatu Temple and in opens stages.

    Bali on a rainy day

    If you happen to visit Bali on a rainy day, then make sure you enjoy the best of it. Here are a few things to do on those days:

    Underwater fun

    There are snorkeling beaches in Bali, where you can take a plunge and enjoy the beautiful calm surroundings and natural tropical marine life. You can also enjoy a submarine tour to the underwater realm of Amuk Bay.


    How about pairing your vacation with a little bit of body pampering through healthy organic meals and yoga? There are yoga retreats and yoga barns where you can enroll, and enjoy a few exercises. It doesn’t matter if you have never been exposed to any form of exercise anytime in your life, you can learn a few traditional styles here.

    The art of Balinese cooking

    The best thing you can do on a rainy day would be to learn cooking. You can learn to mix a variety of herbs and spices on meat, poultry and seafood in any of the Balinese cooking classes.

    On a spiritual tour of Bali

    Bali is the ultimate destination to have a few spiritual lessons

    Dalem Pingit

    Enjoy an awe inspiring view of the cave carved interior of Dalem Pingit Temple and take a cleansing dip within the temple’s scalding waterfalls. You can learn a thing or two about the seven chakras of the human body and head for a meditation session inside the cave.

    Gunung Kawi Sebatu

    The temple of Gunung Kawi Sebatu is famous for its lush and scenic setting, spring-fed holy water sources, water shrines with blooming lotuses and ornamental fish ponds.

    Tirta Empul Temple

    A visit to the Tirta Empul Temple must be a part of your Bali tour, but remember, there are certain rules and codes of conduct to be followed.

    The warm hospitality of Bali awaits you, what are you waiting for?


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    Temple Tours

      Temple Tours

      The spiritual air in the temples and the positive vibrations they feel when they enter the holy abode of God encourage people to visit these places. Probably this is also the reason why people visit temples in other countries as well.

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      But there is another reason why people like to go on temple tours. Know what that is? To learn about the architecture and building style of these unique places. Interestingly it is the temple and its structure that talks a lot about the culture of a country, and of a particular period in time.

      There are some unique temples in the world that you must visit – Bali, Singapore, Thailand are all destinations that portray impressive structures in the form of places of worship.


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