Dubai makes a great short break for shopping, partying, sunbathing, fine dining, sporting events, and even a few sinful pleasures. It is a city of superlatives: for the fastest, biggest, tallest, largest and highest, Dubai is the destination.

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    Dubai -The largest manmade islands in the world infused with culture, tradition, adventure and lot more. With its cocktail mix of activities and fun, you are in for surprises and entertainment beyond comprehension.

    What to do:
    The things you can do in Dubai can never be condensed by mere words, but as they say, time is limited, and you’ve got to fit a lot of things within your visiting period. So here you go:

    A touch of adventure

    Enjoy unlimited adventure at the Desert Safari in the iconic Dubai deserts. Enjoy an evening to remember for a lifetime.

    Ferrari World
    This Ferrari-branded theme park if a dream for car lovers and with its largest space frame structure, you can create and break records with your skills. Get on adrenaline smiling rides and imagine that you are an F1 rider. There are attractions and rides for all age groups.

    Desert Safaris
    They say that the best of the deserts can be experienced while on a desert safari in Dubai. You will be picked from your hotel lobby and taken to ride in 4X4 vehicles along the desert dunes followed by live belly dancing and a sumptuous barbeque dinner in the deserts.

    For awe-inspiring experiences
    The Burj Khalifa
    Renowned to be the world’s tallest building, visit Burj Khalifa ‘At The Top’ at the 148th floor for a ‘looking down from the sky’ experience.

    The Dubai Fountain
    Right at the base of the Khalifa is the fountain that comes alive at night. Not to miss the spectacular show because the water at the dancing fountain gets as high as 150 meters in the air.

    For a shopping experience

    Dubai Mall
    The Dubai Mall is a shopper’s paradise. In fact, you are actually belittling the true potential of the mall when you call the sprawling building a shopping mall. There is a lot more on offer, with its 1200+ shops and 150 restaurants.

    Mall of Emirates
    Tourists throng to the Mall of Emirates to sample its indoor ski resort. And the best part is that you don’t have to worry about the clothing or equipments because they will all be provided. You can also shop hopping from cheap stores to really extravagant ones.

    Dine and be merry!
    How about having a jaw dropping view of the Burj Khalifa while you dip your palette into some of the best dishes in town? Head to the 17th floor Japanese restaurant, Tomo and just enjoy the view, and of course, the food. Start off with thinly sliced cuttlefish prepared delicately with fermented soybean and pickled squid, followed by a main course of crispy fried chicken made in the native Japanese style, and polish it off with your choice of desert.

    Mythos Kouzina & Grill
    This restaurant is in Jumeriah Lake Tower and is a charming one with white stone walls and cave-like ceilings. Begin your meal with spicy feta sprinkled with nutty fried Graviera cheese and olive oil, followed by a main meal with grilled octopus with white wine vinaigrette.

    The golden sand dunes and the scintillating blue ocean create a kind of magnetic atmosphere that cannot be ignored. After your visit to Dubai, you will feel the pull back to the city. Don’t believe it? Experience Dubai to feel it!


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