Mauritius is the destination of choice for those craving sparkling blue waters, white sandy beaches with a touch of nightlife; clearly a tropical paradise you should explore and one of the top honeymoon destination located in Indian Ocean.

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    Mauritius has always been the ideal spot for tourists yearning for a refreshing vacation in its dazzling beach, watching clear blue waters of the ocean, the freshwater lagoons and natural coral reefs. Enter Mauritius and be unprepared for the surprises the island has on offer.

    The island’s stunning beaches

    You can visit the amazing beaches of Mauritius any time of the year, as the weather is mostly pleasant and comfortable.

    Trou aux Biches beach
    This is one of the best beaches in Mauritius, with clean, shallow waters and amazing conditions for both swimming and snorkelling. It offers an ideal spot for family vacations.

    Ile Aux Cerfs
    The beach provides wholesome fun for families with small kids. Of course, if you are looking for some laid back snorkeling in the lagoon, Ile Aux Cerfs is a good option.

    Blue Bay Beach
    With its pale aquamarine waters, the Blue Bay Beach is another beach where you can enjoy swimming, snorkeling and observing the rich marine life.

    Incredible deep sea fishing experiences

    Do you love to fish? How about having a catch to boast about back home? And that too right in the middle of the deep sea?

    Fishing from the Black River
    Enjoy a full day of fishing with your family or friends from the Black River. You can also do snorkeling, swimming and even catch a glimpse or two of the dolphins too.

    Fishing from the Grand Bay

    The warm deep blue waters at the fishing banks at the Grand Bay offers the perfect spot for fishing. You will be taken to rare fishing spots and other prime spots to try your favourite sport.

    Nightlife, here I come

    The nightlife at Mauritius is a bit underrated, nevertheless it will intoxicate you to great heights. So be prepared to tap your foot some grooving music, sipping exotic cocktails and cocktails.

    Be yourself at Zoobar because there is no dress code or conduct code. It’s also the best place to while away the night doing the one thing you love the most – dance.

    Kenzi Bar
    Want to be a hippie for the night? The Kenzi Bar, with with cabana style decor, sand floor and wooden furniture is about the best in town with live dance performances.

    If a love for beer is in your blood, head to Lambic, a 19th century colonial warehouse building. It boasts of 70 unique freshly brewed beers and craft beers from around the world.

    Being spiritual at Mauritius

    After a vibrant nightlife, you might want to see the spiritual side of Mauritius.

    Plaine Magnien, Megalithic structures
    In the southeast end of the island, you can see several flat-topped pyramids that are aligned to the sun’s position. These are identical to the pyramids found in Canary Islands, Sicily and Portugal.

    Grand Bassin and its temples
    Enjoy the spiritual culture of Mauritius while discovering several peaceful, spiritually inclined places and even a glimpse of Yoga, especially Chakra Vidya Yoga and other meditative practices.

    Mauritius beckons, so what are you waiting for? Book your Mauritius holiday package now.


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