8 ways to have the best holiday in Switzerland

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Switzerland is a popular tourism destination, and there is more to this country with its soul stirring landscapes and roller coaster ride of visual treats, Martin Luther King and Albert Einstein. Let’s explore Switzerland today and the different ways in which this destination is going to give you the best travel experience ever.

1. The trademark destination Berlin

Berlin, with its trademark beauty and charm has never failed to awe even the most seasoned visitor that has crossed its border. And why not? The city boasts of a vibrant culture, exquisite cuisine, fascinating history, happening parties, unique art and architecture. Boy, there is more to Berlin than meets the eye. Here are some places that you must visit when in Berlin:

·      The world’s famous Zeugmas museum to learn about the rich culture and history of the museum,

·      Templehof Airport, the 5th largest building in the entire world

·      Pergamon Museum to glimpse the ancient art collection and other antiquities

·      Museum Island, as it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site

·      Berlin Wall, of course

·      Mayer park for its huge flea market

·      Reichstag, a fascinating architecture that speaks volumes about World War II

and plenty more…

Most of the delights that you see in Berlin exude Germany’s Third Reich tales. We will deal with Berlin in another article, this is just to give a highlight on what you can indulge in while in the city.

2. The string of bars at Düsseldorf

Düsseldorf is not just about sophisticated coats and serious minded business people. Yes, you can see them during the day. At the end of the day, however, they shed their coats and head to the bars. The old city neighborhood of Düsseldorf, has a long string of bars that you can hardly tell where the exit of one bar begins and where the second bar starts. Point to note, however, when you are here is that if you have time, visit Königsallee. It is a lively boulevard where you can shop till you drop.

3. The food haven at Stuttgart

If you are a food fanatic, then Stuttgart will be akin to entering food paradise. When you are touring in the city, you can enjoy a celebration of local specialties, cuisines and even cultures. Which is why visitors to Europe make it a point to try the Cannstatter Wasen Festival, celebrated mostly in September and October and the Heilbronn Weindorf Festival, a wine festival. Visiting the Stuttgart brewery museum is often the highlight for many people because you get the chance to go into the history of beer making. And you can taste some of the best wines of the world, as well, so don’t let that slip out of your hands. Of course, there are plenty of other things to do in Stuttgart, but these three aren’t to be missed at any cost.

4. The iconic pointed peaks of Matterhorn

Matterhorn, the magnificent pointed peak rises to about 4,478 meters in height, with four steep faces that lie in four different directions. It is also perhaps, the most attractive feature of this pyramid shaped giant. Sadly, however, four mountaineers feel to their death when they were descending the mountain way back in 1865, God bless their souls.  But that hasn’t deterred people from climbing Matterhorn. The good news is that many hundreds of people have successfully scaled the slopes till date. As Matterhorn is a famous Alpine peak, cable cars would be plying along the route all day long. The mountain cable station is located at Zermatt, and is renowned to be highest cable station in the area.

5. Hiking and mountain climbing at Zermatt

The mountain resort at Zermatt, in the southern Switzerland’s Valais canton is the most popular spot for tourists wishing to indulge themselves in the beautiful peaks of the Alps. Mountain climbing, glacier climbing, skiing are some of the tops activities you can do there.

The world around Zermatt is truly a hiker’s paradise with a network of trails extending to more than 400 kilometers, proving once again that a hiking holiday in Switzerland is definitely going to be a rich experience for you. There are acres and acres of unspoilt nature, countless lakes and idyllic valleys along the 38 mountains that people normally trek.

6. Taking a ferry from Lausanne

If you want to enjoy observing the sheer magic of Europe’s lakes, you’ve got to try this. Boating from Lausanne’s ferry port at Ouchy would take you around some of the most fantastic sights offered from the waters. You can choose to go for a short hop across the French spa town of Evian-les-Bains, as this is directly opposite Lausanne, and the trip is much shorter, so ideal for people who enjoy boat rides, but do not have much time for it. Or you can take a ride down to Montreux and then head down Geneva followed by a magical tour of medieval French village, Yvoire. The boat ride from Lausanne to Geneva would take just under 3 hours, and is just something you mustn’t miss, if you have the time.

7. Bicycling along the lush countryside

Switzerland is famous for the e-bikes, also known as pedelecs (they are actually electric bikes) that you can rent at the rail station. Cycling along the lush countryside of Switzerland is not to be missed at any cost. In fact, the best way to explore the beauty of Switzerland is through cycling; you can explore the many towns this way, the noted among them being Liestal (it is a virtual paradise).

The incredible roads around the countryside would take you around numerous cultures; you can even pick up a few native languages and some really fascinating landscapes. Cycling options are available at different levels, so if you are beginner, not to worry. On the other hand, cyclists looking for hard challenges can choose trails that would take them through quaint villages and hills.

While riding along the countryside is so popular among tourists, it is also important to remember the rules pertaining to riding. Like for example, you have to be at a minimum age of at least 14, riders under 16 will need a category M driving license, know and abide by the road traffic rules and so on.

8. The funicular railway ride to dramatic Monte San Salvatore

Monte San Salvatore stands proudly at a height of 912 meters above the lakes bordering Lugano. On one side, you can see the forest, while on the other side you can see an impenetrable rock face. It is definitely worth taking a funicular railway ride to Monte San Salvatore standing majestically over Ceresio lake, offering views of magnificent Swiss and Savoy Alps.

This is a far cry from the frenetic pace of the city and a feast to eye, thanks to the panoramic views offered from the tops. Definitely, something not to be missed.

Did you know that Switzerland has been tagged as the happiest country in the world by the 2015 World Happiness Country? The results were announced after surveying 158 countries in their happiness ranking. Proves that the country is not to be missed at any cost. If you want to spend a few days in the happiest country of the world, now would be the time to do it. Send us your comments on what made you happy in the land of chocolates?

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