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Product Launch

A product launch is a critical moment for a company, whether it a big corporation or a small business. Product launches must be handled by professionals because you have one chance to show off your product and it must be done in the right way. If you want to have a confident plan for your product launch and want to make it successful, memorable and winning, then Booking Squad would help you with the same. And without blowing your budget! How’s that for starters? Planning a product launch must be done carefully because it must solve an existing problem in the market. If your buyers are not aware of the problem, then the trick is to make them aware of it, so they realize that only by buying your product, they can lead better lives. But timing of the product launch is important. The launch must be done at a time when customers are ready to listen to you. If required, we will conduct the necessary market research and come up with a better plan for your product launch. We have often noticed how so many product launches have become unsuccessful just because they were released at the wrong time, so timing is crucial.

  • There are so many things to do before you release your product for launch:
  • Have an idea of the level of competition you have with your rivals
  • Studying the market and identifying the potential target
  • Developing a unique market strategy that would be applicable to your product
  • Planning promotions
  • Having a pre-launch trial

We can help you with the above steps crucial to a product launch. Being creative is vital because when you make the launch, people should remember it. When it is a memorable product launch, people will discuss it with each other and spread the word. Post product launch, we do the follow up with promotional campaigns to ensure the image is etched in people’s minds.