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Legal Registered name of company is “Booking Squad"

Who are we?
We are Travel agents registered by the name “Booking Squad” in Mohali, Punjab. We book your travel arrangements (like Airline Tickets, Hotel reservations, Holiday packages, Travel Insurance etc.) as a travel agent.

What are payment terms?
The person in whose name the booking is made acts on behalf of all other persons named and becomes responsible to us for all payments in respect of the booking. Booking is not confirmed until full payment is received. We are entitled to cancel your travel arrangements for non-payment as specified. Should we have to cancel your travel arrangements because you have failed to pay, you will be liable to pay us cancellation charges. Our back offices are located in different cities including India, Australia and Canada. The processing of your reservation and payment might take place at any of these back offices, including back offices India, Australia and Canada.

Booking Deposits
Where deposits are taken this only guarantees the seat NOT any fare increase, the deposit are non Refundable.

Amendments or Date change.
If after booking you wish to change your travel arrangements, we will do our utmost to meet this new instruction as long as these are received by us in writing and accompanied by an change fee. Please enquire for more details with our consultants. Changes cannot be made to passenger names and it is your responsibility to book under the correct names as they appear in the passport or photo id which you carry to travel. Name changes will be treated as cancellations and will be subject to the cancellation charges as per the airline or hotel cancellation policy. Please note that some travel arrangements cannot be changed after a reservation has been made and any changes will incur a 100% cancellation charge. All fares are subject to change, sometimes without advance notice: it is therefore in your own interest to finalize payment as soon as possible, as fares can only be guaranteed if full payment has been received.

Cancellation by the Passenger You may cancel your booking at any time as long as it is communicated to us in writing. As this incurs airline and administration costs, we will retain your deposit (deposits are non- refundable) and additional cancellation charges may apply. Cancellation charges on airline tickets are dependent on the airline, the fare type and when cancellation takes place. The cancellation charges are varying from 25% to 100% of booking cost please check at the time of booking. It should be noted that the majority of discounted airline tickets are non- refundable.

Refund Policy Refunds can take anything between 3-4 weeks. Refund will be made in the same mode as used for making the payment, i.e. if the payment is made through card, refund will be made in the same card; similarly if payment is made through bank transfer, refund will be made in client's bank account through online transfer. If you got travel insurance and the reason for cancellation is covered under the terms of an insurance policy, you may be able to reclaim these charges.

Credit Card Charges Bookings where payment is made by credit card are liable for the following surcharges: 2.5% on Visa & Master Card. 3.5% on American Express and Diner`s Club.

Special Requests If company is making a special request on your behalf, e.g. Meals, Seats, Room requests etc., we will communicate that request to those responsible authority (i.e. Airline or Hotel) which is booked. A special request cannot be guaranteed and therefore we cannot be held responsible if your request is not fulfilled.

Travel Insurance We advise you to take a travel insurance policy from Booking Squad. Please make sure of terms and conditions before taking or signing a travel insurance policy. You are required by Australian Law to have adequate travel insurance.

Re-Confirmation of Flights/Check-in You are required to check in 3 hours prior to departure on International flights and 2 hours prior to departure for Domestic flights. Reconfirmation of onward / return flights must be made with the airline at least 72 hours prior to departure.

Flight Programme Changes All prices, dates, times, routes and choice of airline are subject to alteration or cancellation. Should Booking Squad find it necessary to effect any such alteration or cancellation? They will use their best endeavor to provide passengers with suitable alternatives. All arrangements for transportation are made by Booking Squad upon the express understanding that it acts as booking agent only. Any claim for damage, injury, death, loss or delay in connections or inconvenience caused or suffered by any passenger or his property howsoever arising shall be made direct against the carrier or other responsible person, firm or company concerned. The liability of Booking Squad shall cease in any event if it has exercised due to negligence in acting as booking agent. Booking Squad will not be bound by any statement or representation unless it is in writing and signed by a duly authorized official or their office staff, and save as aforesaid, no representative employee or agent of Booking Squad is authorized to commit them to any liability or make any representation on their behalf whatsoever. Refunds will not be paid in the event of cancellations or changes made by us caused by circumstances amounting to Force Majeure including amongst others: war, threat of war, riots, civil strife, terrorism, industrial disputes and strikes, natural and other disasters, fire, technical problems with transport, adverse weather conditions, closure or congestion of airports and other events beyond our control.

Validity of Tickets, Flight Timings and Scheduled Carriers Return tickets are valid for the dates and routing specified thereon. No refunds will be made in respect of unused tickets other than as provided for herein. Flights, timings and schedules are subject to changes at the insistence of National Aviation Authorities or the carriers for operational or other reasons. Neither the company nor the Carrier concerned will accept liability for the flight cancellations, delays or diversions outside the company`s or the carrier`s control. Timings in itineraries or elsewhere are not guaranteed and do not form part of the contract. Air Carriers may substitute alternative aircraft and carriers, include or omit stops and neither the company nor the carrier accepts responsibility for making connections and / or delays.

Travel Documentation It is your responsibility to have valid travel documentation. You will be liable for any fines together with any related expenses, which may be imposed on Booking Squad or the carrier as a result of your improper or incorrect documentation.

Passport, Visas, Health Requirements and Driving License A full ten year passport is required for visits to all destinations. Check the validity of your passport and any visa requirements with the appropriate consulates. Also, if appropriate, please check you have a driving license and are eligible to drive in the country concerned. For non-Australian destinations an international license may be required. Ensure that you meet all immunization and medical requirements. Some countries may require vaccination certificates for entry. We suggest you to go through specific countries laws and restriction where you are travelling.