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Thailand Points of Interest for Families and Childrens

Thailand Points Of Interest For Families And Children

Thailand, located on Southeast Asia’s Indochina peninsula has a rich culture that attracts people from all over the world. The beauty of the destinations coupled with architectural marvel of opulent royal palaces, intricately carved ornate temples, mystical ancient ruins and stunning tropical beaches make Thailand a must-visit destination. Of course, special mention should be given to the peace-invoking revered statues of Buddha. The perfect blend of ancient buildings merges smoothly with the modern skyscraper buildings, making Thailand a must-visit destination during your Southeast Asia vacation. Here are some things you can do to make your vacation in Thailand memorable and fun-filled, especially when you are travelling with family. Kids are always thrilled about going for vacations, you can tell them about these places in Thailand and take them there, so they will have great fun as well.

Ice skating at Bangkok

Bangkok, the capital of Thailand is a kid-friendly place because it offers plenty of activities exclusively for children. When you go ice skating at the Ice Planet or Imperia World Ice Skating, you have wholesome fun as a family. If you are a little unsteady on your feet, then you can place your hands on the support and skate along with your children. Imperial World Ice Skating has an Olympic size rink; it is so huge and marvelous. Ice Planet is located on the 6th and 7th floors of Siam Discovery Centre, a hip and modern shopping mall. Other places offering excellent ice skating opportunities are The Rink, Ice Skate Club and Sub Zero.

Siam Ocean World

Visit the fabulous Siam Paragon shopping mall, and two stories underneath it you can find Siam Ocean world – the super dazzling underground world where you will see more than 30,000 creatures, some even dating back to Jurassic period. Travel through the 270-degree underwater tunnel on a glass bottom boat, and it is a fact that you and your children will remember this ride forever. It would take all you have to just dive in and swim with the magnificent creatures. But mind you, there are some deadliest predators in there as well. The jaw opening 4D theater is a must visit at Siam Paragon Cineplex. It so thrilling, so be ready to scream and giggle. And of course, you have to ensure your child is brave enough to have a ride in the “ocean”. The unique state-of-the-art technology used in creating the realistic effects makes it so different and special.


Siam Paragon hosts Kidzania, which is actually run by a Mexican company and offers a new kind of fun to children. Children can choose from over 80 professions and play their part at Kidzania. They can be a real dentist, a dare-devil pilot flying a Boeing 737 or a fire fighter. It is a children’s world here with a mini town and painted skies. It is not merely an entertainment center because children get a lot of practical information as well. Probably it would also help them choose a career in the future. The most realistic thing about Kidzania is that kids have to don relevant uniforms; if they are at a lab, they have to wear a lab coat or if they are flying a plane, they have to wear pilot’s clothing, and so on. Kids earn money known as “Kidzania money” and this, they can exchange for sweets and chocolates at the souvenir shop. This is entirely a kid’s world, so no parent can participate or interfere here. Parents can enjoy their time drinking coffee or taking photos

Imaginia Playland at Bangkok

The extent of fun your children would be having at Imaginia Playland would make you want to be a child again – to crawl through huge, monstrous multi colored nets, take the “Time Tube” from the second floor to the first floor or indulge in several “learning through playing” activities. It is a good place to keep your child engaged for a few hours; the activities are disciplined because there are plenty of staffs to look after the kids.

Surf at Flow Rider

Waves and surfing are thrilling fantasies for children. Visit Flow Rider at Sukhumvit to enjoy the thrill of wallowing in the artificial wave machine. Children and even adults can place the surfboard on the wave machine, and surf through it. If they are already experienced enough, they can practice on their flicks and grabs. Of course, if your child is a novice in surfing, she can just grab on to the ropes provided by the staff. Flow Rider is perfectly safe, you can trust it to give wholesome fun for your child.

Art in Paradise

Head to the Esplanade Mall at Ratchada to enjoy a dose of excellent trick eye 3D Museum. This would be a great place to spend a rainy day at Bangkok. You can take hilarious pictures of your family at each of the “stalls”. Art in Paradise is amazing work done on 3D. So, how about standing on a surfboard and “posing” on the fictional abyss or would you rather like your head on the table and grabbed by the hair by your partner, instead? Well, we are not going to spoil the fun by describing everything in the gallery; take your time and enjoy them all. It is worth all the fun.


Ko Tao was initially a backpacker’s paradise, but now families, sports junkies and flash packers find this island equally fascinating. The main attraction of this island is diving. There are 35 dive sites, making it the “diving mecca”. Ko Tao had functioned as a prison during the 1943-1944 period after which it became inhabited. Then slowly people started coming in to live here and then western travelers stumbled in. Development has been explosive in Ko Tao after that. You must visit this place if you can.

The bowling alley at Pattaya

The bowling alley has a children friendly area as well, so if your little ones like to bowl whilst you play the sport, this would be the ideal place to hang out. Go carting Go carting tracks are available for children interested in it. Let your child go for a spin and enjoy it.

Ripley’s Believe it or Not Museum

Kids enjoy being here. Apart from the hundreds of oddities to keep them engaged and excited, Ripley’s Believe it or Not Museum also houses a creepy haunted house and a 4D motion movie theater. This is situated very close to Pattaya Beach. True, Pattaya is big and bustling, so you must be really careful when you are traveling with children. It also better to safe than sorry.


Phuket is no longer a destination that appeals to elders; Phuket has become family-friendly. Here are some places you can take your children to: Phuket FantaSea Let your child embrace the true culture and spirit of Thailand by visiting Phuket FantaSea. With cutting edge special effects, your child can have wholesome fun here.

Phuket Trickeye Museum

The Trickeye Museum is not only fascinating and appealing for the child, but adults find it equally mesmerizing. Enjoy the 100 paintings at their gallery, each one as awe-inspiring as the other. Splash Jungle Water Park The water park at Mai Khao Beach appeals to both the young and the old. A Canadian company known as Whitewater Industries had designed this park and it boasts of a spectacular wave pool, Boomerang rides and a 335-metre ‘Lazy River’. The park is entirely safe and integrated with fast paced rides, so get ready for some serious family fun.

The Kids Club Phuket

The Kids Club offers a dazzling array of activities designed specifically for children. You can engage your children here and they would be absorbed for hours. The place is ideal for children above the age of 4. Would you like to know how to make the most of your family vacation at Thailand, so that you can enjoy it at the maximum level? Contact Booking Squad, we have more tricks up your sleeve than you think.