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Things To See And Do In Singapore

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Singapore is the perfect destination for the wanderlust. In fact, it is as big in popularity as New York, Los Angeles, London, Hong Kong and so on, and perhaps as urbanized as well. In size through the city is just half the size of Los Angeles, just 714.3 square kilometers, but the allure that it provides for the visitor keeps growing. Singapore has been a fascination for Western countries as well, perhaps because of its authoritarian stand on littering and drug abuse. In the streets of Singapore, you feel totally safe, especially women, who can travel without fear even at night. Singapore has a rich tradition; it is ethnically diverse and had once been a British colony (since 1824). Because of its multicultural nature, the language spoken by people is mostly English. Even so, visitors claim that it is not very easy to understand the English spoken by the locals in Singapore because you will find certain slangs that we normally don’t use. You can manage easily if you get friendly with the locals because they will teach you the slang and you can start managing on your own in a few hours. Here is a guide on the popular things to see and do in Singapore:


Chinatown – the name suits this area perfectly well. Once you enter the streets of Chinatown, you would get the feeling that you have left Singapore behind and have entered a different place. Everything looks Chinese here – you have fortune tellers, temples, food stalls and so on. Even though every effort has been made to inculcate the Chinese culture, you would still feel that it looks like the Chinatown of New York or San Francisco rather than the real China.

Singapore Botanic Gardens

If you decide to go sightseeing early in the morning, then you can head to Singapore Botanic Garden first. It usually opens at 5 am and would remain open until midnight. You will enjoy visiting this cool and bucolic retreat. Walk along the lush greenery of virgin rainforest and then head to the National Orchid Garden’s where you can see thousands of orchids in full bloom. It is quite a treat to the eyes.

Resorts World Sentosa

Sentosa is a little island situated just off the Singapore coast. But when you get there, you will get to experience a beautiful tourism destination that has plenty of beaches, nightclubs, cafes and regular music festivals. Fun has a whole new meaning here and you would get lots of it at the Universal Studios. Families and kids would love the different zones in the Universal Studios, especially the Shrek and Madagascar zones. It is little wonder why Sentosa is considered the premier holiday destination of Asia. You must also visit the Underwater World Singapore and the Dolphin Lagoon, and enjoy hours of fun and leisure.

Singapore Flyer

Hitch a ride on the 165-meter-high Singapore Flyer at dusk to have an awesome, scintillating view of Singapore with lights on all the high rise buildings. This is a memory that you will take back home because it really is an amazing experience.

Shopping for cheaper electronics

You can buy electronic goods for 10-20% cheaper than what you normally pay if you shop at Funan Digitalife Mall or Sim Lim Square. Both these are located are close by so that makes shopping for them easy.


Zouk is the heartthrob destination for people who crave for an active nightlife. Singapore may have strict rules, but the nightlife is pretty racy at Zouk. For close to 3 decades, Zouk still continues to awe its visitors.

Marina Bay Sands

Renowned to be the world’s second largest casino destination, Marina Bay Sands ups the ante and impresses its visitors right from the word go. Marina Bay Sands is located in Singapore’s central business district, hence looks really beautiful from its waterfront area.

Singapore Zoo

Singapore Zoo was once known as Singapore Zoological Gardens and is a rainforest zoo where you can see plenty of wildlife in their natural habitat. It is a beautiful feeling that you get when you watch the animals roam freely in their natural habitat. You can take back memories of this unforgettable adventure if you travel around in a buggy and watch Singapore’s resident giant pandas, Kai Kai and Jia Jia.

Night Safari

How about visiting the world’s first nocturnal zoo? In this zoo, you can see all the nocturnal animals in their naturalistic habitat. There is a guided tram ride that would take you along the different animals that live in various geographical zones. After you whet your appetite at the end of the ride, you can visit the show devised exclusively for the entertainment of the visitors.

Peranakan Museum

Visit Peranakan Museum, the finest museum in the city to enjoy the most comprehensive collection of Peranakan artifacts, representing the different cultures including India, Malasya and ethnic Chinese.

Be aware of the laws in Singapore

Any visitor to Singapore must be aware of the laws of Singapore. Actually, this is one of the major things that you must understand and follow when you visit Singapore. Failure to abide by the rules would result in hefty fines and of course, imprisonment, so make sure you are aware of them:

Keep your chewing gum at home

If you have the habit of chewing gum, then do not carry it to Singapore. Even possession of gum can bring in a hefty fine of $1000 or more, depending on how many times you have committed the offence in the city. So if you think you can chew gum privately in your hotel room, you are mistaken, because it would be discovered, and things won’t look good for you .


Singaporeans are quite strict about discipline. When you shop in Singapore, you will see that most shops sell canes. Canes are predominately meant for parental caning; however, caning is also given to law-breakers and offenders.

Street littering

If you have the habit of leaving the candy wrapper on the park chair, think twice before doing it in Singapore. Just that could bring you a fine of $300. Now if it was a Pepsi can that you left behind, then the fine would be very, very pricey. You wouldn’t want to try that, would you?

No smoking at all

Singaporeans will not tolerate smoking in certain areas. This is to prevent people from indulging in the health damaging act of smoking and to protect people (who don’t smoke at all) to the effects of secondhand smoke. You cannot smoke in shopping malls, hospitals, sport courtyards, multi-purpose halls, playgrounds, bus shelters, offices and shops.

Illegal pedestrian crossing

Do not jaywalk in Singapore. There are pedestrian marked areas in the road that you can use, but do not cross in other areas.

No urinating on the elevators and streets

You wouldn’t want to dream of urinating on the streets however urgent it may seem, if you are on the streets of Singapore. That would bring you a hefty fine. The elevators are fitted with Urine Detection Devices. Even not flushing the toilet is a crime in Singapore.

Vandalism and stealing

Singapore law does not look kindly on people who steal and commit activities that would harm public and private property. If you vandalize, it is a serious crime and you could be jailed or caned. For one act of vandalism, you could get 3 to 8 strokes of caning.

Homosexual relations

Sex against the order of nature is a crime and violators could lounge in jail for two years.

No drugs

Singapore authorities can conduct a drug tests as and when they please. Ensure you don’t bring or consume any substance before you enter the country.