Love to feel the adrenaline rush? Do you enjoy the spirit of adventure coursing through your veins when you are just about to do something daring? How about mountain biking in the hills where you can’t guess how the terrain will be? Or maybe a mountaineering expedition that would test your stamina? Perhaps you prefer a thrilling helicopter ride to enjoy breathtaking views of the destination you are visiting. Destinations like Europe, Maldives, Dubai and Singapore are great for this kind of a vacation.

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    If you are ready to come out of your comfort zone and go on an off-beaten track during your vacation, then we have some of the best deals for you. Adventure vacations can be both on the land and underwater. Folks snorkel and swim with the largest fish (whale sharks) in the world in Maldives. Or maybe kayaking and enjoying the bio-diversity of Singapore? Maybe cycling in the European countryside is your kind of vacation?