Top beach holidays around the globe

    Nothing can beat an amazing beach holiday when it comes to take a relaxing break from the tough routines. It is a fact that sea, sun and sand has something in them which really takes your attention towards a great holiday. So, if you are really looking for a great beach holiday then all you need is a villa, cottage or a beautiful apartment. From tropical beaches to luxurious beaches and from temperate beaches to sandy beaches, this guide is going to help you out in planning the next beach holiday.

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    When it comes to beaches, the first place which strikes our minds is Thailand. Thailand has wide variety of great tropical beaches that are found both on islands of Phuket and on mainland. Koh Phangan, Koh Tao, Koh Samui. Krabi and Phi Phi Islands are known beaches in Thailand. Thailand is known for its gorgeous cliffs with much impressive sceneries and beaufiful tropical views. The best thing about beaches here is that you are going to enjoy clear waters where you can actually see marine life while diving and snorkeling.

    If you are up for discovering idyllic beaches then the best destination for you is Mauritius. The weather here is really nice so if you want to swap the gloomy weather or climes of your place, Mauritius is the right place. The beaches which you will find here are gorgeous and are very clean with warm inviting waters.

    Langkawi, Malaysia:
    You simply cannot miss the jaw – dropping and breathtaking Indian Ocean’s archipelago of Langkawi, Malaysia. Teemed with white sand and aquatic blue waters, Langkawi has really a lot to offer.


    Maldives is very popular for making your beach holiday really mesmerizing by offering the activities like snorkeling, scuba diving and much more. Maldives is really a great tropical escape. You are going to find luxury hotels with cracking attractive offers here. Pamper yourself in Maldives.

    Spain is known as one of the budget beach destinations. The beaches in Spain are really beautiful. Even the cities in Spain offer vibrant culture to the world. During your complete holiday, you are going to find Spain energetic where sun never hides itself. From Costa Brava to Costa del Sol, you are really going to find some incredible deals in Spain.

    So if you are looking for beach holiday in United Kingdom, Cornwall can be one of your fantastic options. Cornwall is very famous for its north’s sprawling sands and much traditional Victorian seaside towns that are found on south coast. It is one of the great summer spots and is known as the best place for surfing in United Kingdom.

    We all know Bahamas for its most famous luxury beaches. They are known for number of reasons. The beaches here are really beautiful with incredible sea life. The islands here are modern and very luxurious. Bahamas is known for its delicious food. If you really want to have some glimpse of paradise, then this is the place for you.

    Greece The traditional beaches in Greece are considered great for snorkeling and swimming.

    Cozumel, Mexico:
    Do you want some great tanning on paradise beaches? The Caribbean island of Cozumel in Mexico is known for its coral – fringed beaches. They are big yes to your snorkeling and famous diving activities. For discovering magnificent and amazing marine life in Mexico, you can take great advantage of kayaks, renting the paddle boards and by taking a seat on gorgeous boats with glass bottom. Mexico has some of the best beaches in world. These include Playa Palancar and Playa San Francisco. Just pamper yourself with amazing water sports and get yourself relaxed by booking a romantic room in a five – star hotel here.

    So, this is the breakdown of some really great beaches around the globe and they are famous for making your beach holiday truly amazing by giving you a great feel of pampering yourself away from daily work routine.